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Stepwise Car Detailing Process Followed By The professional Detailers

You may hear about car detailing, especially if you care for this possession. Car detailing is a process that can give a new life to your old car and also keeps it in the best condition.  And when it comes to this process, most of the detailing professionals follow some common steps.   In the next lines, I am going to introduce you to these steps. Let’s start reading!

professional car detailing

Look at the professional car detailing steps in more detail

Washing-  At the initial step experts wash vehicles with water and mild washing materials. The main aim of this step is to avoid scratching and eliminating dirt.

Drying-  In this step, professional detailers dry the vehicle using the blower.  Besides the blower, microfiber towels also can do this task successfully.

Claying-  Claying process helps in eliminating the pollutants and the contaminants from the vehicle’s paint, metal, and glass.  Reputed auto detailers use clay bars during this procedure. Clay bar lubricants refer to engineered resin mixture that assures the perfect claying.  Several parts of the vehicle, beginning from window to headlamps, require claying.

Prep-  In this full car detailing step detailers focus on, claying down each section of the car to eliminate any residue. Many detailing experts also clean the paintworks further with the post- clay spirit.

Inspecting-  As the name suggests, this step involves a careful inspection. In this step, professional detailers inspect the car to check if the paintwork requires any correction. This step helps in identifying the imperfections of the painting effectively.

Polishing- Polishing gives a shiny and attractive look to your vehicle.  This process becomes important if you feel the requirement of paint correction.  In the polishing step, detailers require two things, i.e. polishing compounds and buffing pads. And when it comes to selecting these pads, you require choosing it depending on the paint type.

Protecting-  Once the paint correction is complete, now the time has come to protect the paintwork. It is a must found step in all full car detailing packages. This process involves using the polymer sealants, and the layering wax.

This sealant can provide the right protection, but many car owners prefer to layer waxes on the sealers’ top. Professional auto detailers let the sealant cure for twelve hours between the layers.

Fabrication- Leather seats of every vehicle need care. Reputed detailers know this well and use quality leather cleaner during this step. After the cleaning and drying process becomes complete, detailers finish it off with the quality leather conditioner.   In the fabrication step, identifying the leather types become important, and experts provide apt fabrication considering the leather type.

Car Detailer

Hence, these are the steps a reliable detailer follows. Now, if you think of getting your favorite car detailing methodically, contact us. Our eminent detailing experts help you get an unblemished and attractive car through their services. We are available with online booking facilities as well. Get in touch with us now without further looking back.

Car Detailing – The Best Way To Make Your Car Shine!

When it comes to giving an impressive look to your favorite car, you might not leave any stone unturned as the car owner. However, these days several means are available on the market that can do this task successfully. Car detailing is one of the most potent ways amidst them. Want to know this in detail? Get introduced to it, the generally followed professional car detailing process,  and of course its advantages in the following lines of the blog.

Know about car detailing definition, steps, advantages here 

What is Car Detailing?

Precisely put,  car detailing refers to a thorough and detailed top to bottom cleaning of your vehicle.  Car detailers use specialized products to do this task. Besides the washing, a detailer also performs other tasks, such as reconditioning of interior and exterior, scratch elimination, and so on.

This process differs from car washing in different aspects. A car wash involves eliminating the dirt on your vehicle exterior. But, detailing takes it more further. A detailer offers you a shining, polished, and vacuumed vehicle, that can be presented as a new one.

Car detailing service

Car detailing steps followed  by the experts

An organized and thorough auto detailing involves to main phases: exterior detailing and interior detailing. In the following lines, we have tried to give a precise idea about these two main steps.  Check them out.

Exterior Car Detailing

Generally, expert detailers begin with the exhaustive exterior wash to eliminate the dirt. In the next steps, they use wheel cleaning products and brushes to take off the dirt from wheels.

After that, detailers wash and dry the paintworks with the microfibre towels. Then this paintwork is clayed to eliminate the tightly bonded dirt. Many times, detailers polish the paints to give a glowing look. This part is the most time-consuming part of auto detailing.

Finally, exterior detailing ends with the paint waxing to provide an added protective layer to the car. Experts polish the remaining car exterior part after the waxing becomes complete.

Exterior Car Detailing

Interior Car Detailing

As the name suggests, this detailing part involves the detailing of the car interior. In this step, experts remove dirt stains from seats, floors by vacuuming. Besides these parts, detailers give a shining look to the interior glasses with proper cleaning and polishing.

Car cleaning and polishing

A significant optional step

Only detailing the car interior and exterior is not enough to keep your vehicle in the best condition. Considering this, several companies include the engine cleaning into their car detailing packages. Cleaning the engine properly and regularly help in the faster and easier identification of the engine problems and increase the lifespan of it.

Car Detailing benefits

Only knowing about the car detailing process theoretically might not make you interested in detailing your vehicle. But, I am sure you will feel enthusiastic about it after knowing its benefits. Here are the excellent advantages of the auto detailing.

  1. Quality auto detailing increases the value of your car, enhancing its appeal.
  2. It protects your vehicle from swirls, scratches, and other elements.
  3. Regular car detailing increases the life span of your favorite car.

However, if you think of investing in this project, rely on us. We come with several cars detailing packages, with online booking facilities. Keep faith in us to get a shining and head-turning vehicle now.