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Professional recommendations for elaborate car cleaning

When you own a car, you need to space out some time for its maintenance. Cleaning and washing on a day-to-day basis or alternate day basis are the necessities for keeping your car sufficiently clean. An authorized detailing ensures the optimum condition of your car.

Verbal guidance may not always drill into your head what exactly you have to do. Hence, for your benefit, we have mentioned some extra car cleaning tips that produce effective outcomes.


Rinse and wash

Professional detailers impart a rinse of plain water to clear up the dirt materials on the surface before using soap or other cleaning agents. The soapy water allows the grinding of the collected contaminants and pollutants onto your paint surface. So, a quick rinse is essential before washing.


Detailed window cleaning

Many overlook the accumulated grime on the window top. Yet it becomes visible to the eyes the moment the car windows are rolled down. The windows must be paid separate attention. While cleaning them, you must cover the edges and wipe them with a soft, clean microfiber to remove dirt particles.


Exclusive leather treatment

Treating the leather coverings in your car with a leather conditioner is an apt solution to remove leftover stains. The cleaning process is complete after the leather cleaner and leather protection cream are applied. It is natural that you may not have these products in-store. Eminent detailers such as us are likely to apply these for maximum seat protection.


Spraying with plastic and vinyl colorant

Spraying light coats of plastic and vinyl colorant and leaving it for 24 hours will serve the purpose of a quick paint re-application.


Air-vent cleaning

The air vents attract dust more than anything. With the help of a standard paintbrush, the little corners of the vents can be cleaned. A furniture polish has to be given to the brush and it is good to go. The paintbrush is most effective in such small spaces, where it can conveniently remove the collected dust on the crevices.


Producing refreshing vibes

Surely, you do not want people to be turned off by the bad odor in your car interior when they step in for a ride. And, of course, you do not want your mood to be sinking due to the air stinking. Clean out the trapped air at times by keeping the car blower on for some time. Plus, a car air purifier can help to restore the refreshing vibes. A timely change of the air filter is necessary. This will facilitate the spread of the mind-uplifting aroma in your car during the next ride.

So, you got an exclusive peek into some of the easy-to-practice car cleaning strategies. Regular maintenance of your car along with these follow-ups is an expert’s recommendation to keep your car efficient. Occasional detailing episodes on top of that can increase its glimmer as well.

6 useful tips to protect your car

The maintenance of your car is closely linked with its protection against certain elements. The outside weather, dust, and pollution continuously come into contact with your car. Intense heat and close contact with harmful UV rays bear the potential to bring massive damage to both your car’s exterior as well as the interior. So, to ensure the safe keep of your car, a foolproof protection plan needs to be followed.

Certain precautions, if undertaken in the correct manner, can help to keep your car in good shape. For the proper functionality of each of its parts and for undisturbed traveling, we have put down 6 car protection tips. These are particularly applicable to the 21st-century driver behind the wheel.

With increased sun exposure, wear-out problems surface. To shield yourself from the sun, you can install a windshield sun protector. These are usually available at reasonable prices. This useful accessory will help to maintain the coolness inside your car and ensure protection from sun damage.

Due to immense heat and light, your car’s exterior may dry up and the paint may crack. The piled-up dirt layers can have a severe impact on a car’s finish. Regular washing and careful hand drying help to remove dirt and contaminants. This restores the cleanliness too and sparks up the glossy display.

Why sit uncomfortably in the heat? A covering for your car seat not only protects the leather but also keeps your seat cool. A properly covered seat can make your ride more relaxed and comfortable.

It may not be possible to offer wax applications to your car frequently. But a reliable detailer can get this done for you. The waxing requirement actually varies according to the car’s make. Thus, waxing at regular intervals can ascertain an effective task of providing an extra layer of protection from UV rays.

Tires suffer damage due to contact with excessively heated roadways. They also become under-inflated. Check tire pressure is a vital step for the prevention of the mentioned occurrences. Fixing up tire costs a lot and it is a known fact that even a good tire can lose about one pound of pressure in a month. Keeping your tires inflated and gaining knowledge about the pressure requirement of your tires should be your lookout. This can bar the chances of a stressful experience of a possible tire blow-out.

Whenever you find the opportunity to park in a shady area, grab it. This keeps your car cool. And more importantly, protects your car on both sides from the adverse effects of the scorching sunlight.

Now that you have an idea of how to keep your car protected, you can do it with alertness. Cautious protection and daily maintenance along with timely detailing are the keys to keeping your car well-running and new-like shiny.

Top 4 benefits of interior car detailing!

To maintain the inside of your car is just as important as retaining the fabulous outer shine. The outer surface, being constantly exposed to outside atmosphere and pollution, needs regular cleaning but the interior components need a thorough cleaning too to keep them functioning properly. Clean Image will provide you the best quality interior car detailing services at an affordable rate.

A refreshing car inside also makes you enjoy the ride more. Keep the interior of your car detailed to like the feel whenever you step inside it. Here are the main 4 benefits of a thorough detailing of your car interiors.


For stain removal and prevention of its reappearance

If your car has fabric seat material, it is mandatory to extract whatever gets stuck in between it. In case of leather upholstery, it is vital to keep it cleaned and conditioned. Extensive interior detailing keeps the seats and other parts protected from damages and cracks. Besides vacuuming, degreasers and enzyme cleaners are effective for stain removal. Timely detailing on a weekly or monthly basis can eliminate the stains. Also, application of the right cleaning and maintenance products can keep the car’s interior atmosphere crystal clean and sparkling.


For disinfection purpose

Unclean car’s inner spaces will make the air quality impure and also make it an unhealthy environment. If a car surface appears dirty, it should be urgently wiped down with soap and water prior to disinfection. You can dampen a soft microfiber cloth with soapy water and clean car interiors like clutch, ignition button, steering wheel, glove compartment box and other areas which come to your touch frequently.


For ensuing protection from environmental damages

Expert car detailers like us use proper cleaning and fabric maintenance products to keep your car seats and carpets in best shape. If you are cleaning on your own, you must make sure that too much force is not applied. This may lead to carpet fraying or premature wear.

Window tinting is useful for blocking the harmful UV rays which can damage the fabric interiors. So, window tinting by professionals can reduce the chance of damage due to intense heat and light. This is especially beneficial for leather interiors. And, even if your car has rubber mats, soil and water erosion can occur. So, interior cleaning and detailing is required to keep the inner vibes fresh and healthy.

For protecting your health

Allergies are caused not only due to outside pollution but also to inner space contamination. Car indoors are filled with allergens. Instead of overlooking the dust, grime and mold growths inside the car, you should see to it that regular vacuuming takes place. This will reduce your allergic reactions and improve your general immunity.

Besides vacuuming, extensive interior detailing also includes vinyl cleaning, dressing, carpet shampooing and other conditioning services. A self-detailing method, in the matter of car interior, is a bit risky as there is usually a chance of making an unintentional damage. So, an efficient detailing service can give your car interiors a remarkable freshness and cleanness and also increase the pleasantness of your ride.

Exclusive guide to paint correction and its importance in detailing!

Before we start talking about paint correction, you must know what it is actually. To restore the paintwork and bring back the original shine of your car, experienced detailers employ certain means to remove swirl marks, scratches, buffer trails, etc. These imperfections spoil the car paint and prevent a clear reflection. So, paint correction is basically the method of restoration of the painted surface of an automobile.


How do professional detailers like us do it?

At first you must give the vehicle a detailed wash to clean out all the contaminants that collect on the surface. The paintwork is thoroughly washed and cleaned and only after the dirt particles are removed that a specialised clay bar can be applied. This clay coating ensures complete removal of the accumulate debris.

The elimination of these pollutants is mandatory before you start with the paint protection procedure. This is because once they get stuck on the pad of the polishing machine, they will be transferred onto the car surface again and the aimed purpose will be ruined. Claying the paintwork gives a clear assessment of the condition of the surface.

Different kinds of polish are used to clear out the fine particles as well as the evidently visible ones. During this prolonged process, a paint depth gauge is often employed by top-level detailers.

The paint depth gauge measures the thickness of the paint on the metal panel and is used during and after the process to give an exact calculation of how much material has been removed. It is mainly to stop excess removal, which may fade out the painted surface or make a mark on it, to cause severe damage to your car. Authorised paint detailing techniques also include the use of specialised halogen or LED lamps to produce a similar glow as that of sunlight, which allows an effective checking of the condition of the paint coating as well as the removal of the fine scratches and swirl marks.


Removal of deep scratches

The ridding of very deep scratches always poses a risk of removing excess paint during the correction procedure. To avoid this, the severe imperfections are reduced to size. You can use machine polisher or polish products that round off the edges of the irritating scratch marks and make them appear much less distinct under direct light.

The panels are then wiped down with an isopropyl alcohol to remove extra residual oils, left behind from the polish. Thus, the actual finish of the car comes to light and also reveals any missed area. Once the paint correction is complete, a glossy painted surface will uncover and produce a dazzling reflection.

Now that you know that these scratches and swirl marks are the main scatterers of light rays, you can understand how important it is to remove them. Along with other exterior detailing measures, paint correction is an essential step to protect your car’s painted surface from cracking up or fading away. A clean and protected surface naturally shines and makes the car’s visual appeal all the more spectacular.