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7 Common Car Paint Stains a Professional Car Detailing Morongo Valley Details

There is barely anything awful than a stain on car paint. When your car is left undetailed for almost a year, it easily catches unsightly stains. While many people think stains just make your car look worse, they also lead to faded paintwork. However, a professional detailing service is the only prospective way to remove those ugly, stubborn paints. To help you out in this matter, today we are going to talk about 7 common car paint stains, that a professional Car Detailing Morongo Valley service can remove.


7 Car Paint Stains a Professional Car Detailing Morongo Valley Details


Water Stains

To save time and money you probably have tried detailing your car all by yourself. And this is when your car gets water stains.


When you detail your car without proper knowledge and experience, you are most likely to leave water stains on your car paint. And it later becomes oddly visible making your car look dull. However, with the help of a professional Car Detailing Morongo Valley you can remove them and make your car appealing.


Bird Droppings

Cars become the legit washroom for birds. While roads are found clean and pristine, cars look horrible with bird droppings.


Bird dropping is one of the common car paint stains that makes your car dull. Not to mention these things are not also very hygienic. Moreover, the acidic reaction of the droppings can lead to paint damage. So make sure to take your car to a detailer in such a situation.


Paint Swirl Marks

If there’s anything unsatisfying to watch then that is swirl marks on car paint. It doesn’t matter if you are rough on your car exterior or gentle, these marks are unstoppable. And the worst part of swirl marks is that they completely kill the shine of your car.


The main cause of swirl marks on car paint is the use of rough substances on them. However, with a professional Car Detailing Morongo Valley you can mitigate this problem and make your car pristine.


Paint Oxidation


Paint Oxidation is nothing but a nightmare for a car. These could be referred to as less stain but more paint damage.


Paint oxidation is a natural process where car paint starts to peel out. Additionally, it increases the chance of rust and corrosion. To prevent this from happening, try not to use sweaty hands on your car.


Tree Sap Stains

If you have been parking your car under subtropical trees for years you would see honey-colored and sticky stains on your car paint. These stains even might appear very unharming, but actually, it is not.


A Tree sap stain is one of the disgusting car stains you would probably want on your car surface. These sticky and hard natural extracts, not just harm the look but also the paint. But with a Car Detailing Morongo Valley, you can detail them.



Another common car stain almost every car owner faces is the one that comes with fingerprints. These stains are not very welcoming but comparatively, fingerprints are easy to detail.


With fingerprints all over your car paint looks grimy and untidy. Not to mention,   fingertips are oily, making your subsequent fingerprints prime conductors for dirt and dust. So it is better to keep fingerprints away from the car to keep your car safe and appealing.


Wet Cement And Paints 

If there is anything very annoying and hard to detail then it is a stain that comes from cement or paint marks. These stains generally happen when you keep your car near any construction site or supplies.


A stain from wet cement and paint can cause big harm to your car, especially to your car exterior. Since regular pain and car pain isn’t similar, the chemical reaction could be very worse. So always hire a professional Car Detailing Morongo Valley in such a situation.


So here 7 common types of car stain your car could get. Since most of them affect your car’s appearance, you need an expert by your side while removing them. Well, if you want to get car paint detailing, car detailing supplies, car detailing products, detail car wash near me, or car detailing steam cleaner,  contact us now. Also, read about car wash and detail near me on our website.