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Why You Should Choose pH-Neutral Car Detailing Supplies Los Angeles

Have you ever wondered why your cars often become the prey of corrosion and rust, despite cleaning them regularly with soap? You might blame contaminants in water but the actual culprit is detailing supplies you are using. Soaps and cleansers are made both acidic and alkaline. While alkaline soaps react normally on car paints, acidic soaps can react harshly causing corrosion rust and many other issues. So today in this write up we would discuss why you should choose pH-neutral car detailing supplies Los Angeles.

What Is PH-Neutral Car Detailing Supplies Los Angeles?

PH neutral car detailing by hand

In order to understand what is pH-neutral car detailing shampoo, let’s know what is pH-Neutral. pH is basically an abbreviation of the words Potential of Hydrogen. When the potential of hydrogen in a substance is low, it’s acidic in nature and when the potential of hydrogen in a substance is high it’s alkaline in nature. And a balance in hydrogen is known as the pH-neutral. 

Accordingly, pH-neutral car detailing supplies Los Angeles are materials that are neither acidic nor alkaline. Since both acid and base react harshly on car paints and other materials like fabrics, vinyl, and fibres, it’s a better step to go for car detailing supplies that are neutral. 

5 Benefits Of Using Car Detailing Supplies Los Angeles

After detailing your car on the routine you definitely won’t like facing corrosion and rust. Right? But unfortunately, you can face such issues if you use cleansers that have pH 2 or 13. 

Rather use pH 7 detailing supplies and cleansers that can mitigate the risk of damage while giving your car its natural shine. Since detailing products has a low concentration of acid, you won’t face rust issues in your car. 

While regular acidic cleansers and supplies degrade the quality of paint outside and upholsteries inside, pH 7-based products improve the condition of your car. And that’s what makes pH-neutral car detailing supplies Los Angeles beneficial for your car. 

Unlike regular acidic cleansers and supplies, pH 7 cleansers don’t react harshly with car paint. Rather works directly on the stains removing them, while giving your car a pristine look.

Windows, mirrors and windshields are some of the most important parts of a car. A little scratch in these areas can increase safety risks while driving. And that’s why you need to consider using pH-neutral cleanser while detailing mirrors and windshields. 

Detailing mirrors and windshields with acid-based cleaners can badly affect the glass making it cloudy. And this not only creates problems in navigation while driving but also incorporates safety risks, which everyone must be aware of. 

Are you planning on selling your vehicle any time soon? Well, cleaning it with pH-neutral car detailing supplies Los Angeles is a better option for you. Even if you’re going to do this after many years, pH 7 cleansers must be your first choice. Why? Because acidic soaps and shampoos can make your car look rusted. 

When you use acidic car detailing products for years, you treat your car paint and upholsteries harshly. And this can cause serious damage to your car making it unattractive to get a better value. 

A Clean Look is a thing that matters most in the car! Would it be a very delight to avoid having dirt on your hands when you shut your trunk? Definitely not! Right?  And regularly washing your car with pH 7 cleaner on a regular basis can help avoid issues like this. This one small task can help improve the look of your paint and your entire car overall.

While many of you ask why to choose pH-neutral car detailing supplies Los Angeles while detailing your car, here are 5 points, which can explain why. So if you are finding a car wash near you that uses neutral pH detailing products contact us to get a hand car wash near me, the best detail interior only Los Angeles, and the best hand car wash near Los Angeles.


Does car shampoo need to be pH neutral?

Remember both Alkali or acid-based formulas are stronger and are worse for your car paint and upholsteries. So we would always recommend you go for a pH-neutral shampoo, to avoid any unnecessary corrosion or damage to the paintwork.

What is pH-neutral car shampoo?

A car shampoo that is balanced or is ‘neutral’ has a pH score similar to that of water, with a pH value sitting around 7.