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6 DIY Tips From Clean Image Interior Detailing Lancaster To Remover Car Odor

There is barely anything as disgusting as a stinky car. Not only is it unpleated to start a beautiful day, but also a piece of shame to give a ride to someone. So why not let’s erase rotten odor from your car and make your ride soothing? All your need to follow is 6 DIY tips From our Clean Image Interior detailing Lancaster. Unsurprisingly, these professional tips can help you sanitize your car and maintain hygiene for long days. So follow the blog further to them all.


6 Car Odor Detailing Tips From Clean Image Interior Detailing Lancaster



Though we primarily blame food spills for car odor, wet fabric is actually another underlying reason. When fabric and other upholsteries in your car get in contact with moisture, they start peeling off. Ultimately, you face a bad stink in your car.  


However, with a vacuum and compressor, you can eliminate wear and tear in your car, erasing the risk of bad smells. Just like our Clean Image Interior detailing Lancaster does. 


Avoid Smoking In The Car

Addiction to cigarettes has never been helpful to human society. And one of its proof is bad and unhealthy odor in your car. Smoking cigarettes usually inside your car make your car smell particularly unpleasant. And this will not just affect your overall health but make your car unhygienic. 


So make sure you don’t smoke inside your car or stop riders from smoking in your car. Ultimately, you will get better health and hygiene. 


Baking soda

Regarding DIY car odor detailing, no one can replace baking soda with its benefits. While this mainly helps you in cooking, it also helps you to remove odors. This ingredient can instantly help you if you spill something on the car carpet.


You need some pinch of baking soda, then sprinkle it on the stain. Rub the baking soda like professional Clean Image Interior detailing Lancaster and make your car stain-free and odor free. 



Another refreshing DIY material that can increase the charm and hygiene of your car interior is charcoal. Charcoal is surprisingly one of the best substances to absorb smells. This carbon material is known for erasing all irritating smells created by filth and dirt.


Placing a chunk of charcoal in your car for more than 48 hours can reduce the spread of odor. Therefore, there would be no bad smell issue in your car.


Natural Air Freshener

Baking Soda or charcoal might be some smart choices but can’t be as efficient as natural air fresheners. A professional detailer like Clean Image  Interior detailing Lancaster uses natural sanitizers and air fresheners to remove bad odor from our car. And following that, you must also use your car’s best quality and toxin-free material, making it pleasant. You can also use DIY homemade fragrances. But never forget to consult with professionals.


Hiring professionals

Though we are discussing DIY ways to remove bad odor from your car, we still can’t deny that professionals are the last and only efficient option one can consider. A professional interior car detailer like Clean Image primarily assess the issues and apply proper solution. Besides, they are well-trained and well-equipped, keeping them ahead of you. Ultimately, you get a completely stain-free and odor-free car interior.


When cleanliness is godliness, you must follow that and take your car to a professional car detailer like our Clean Image Interior detailing Lancaster. Or at least follow these mentioned odor-eliminating tips to maintain hygiene. Now immediately visit our official website to get services on Interior Detailing Glendora, Interior Detailing Huntington Park, Interior Detailing San Marino, Interior Detailing Westlake Village, and Interior Detailing Industry. Also, in our blog section, we read blogs on car detailing near me and mobile detailing Lancaster, PA.




Why is it important to clean the car’s interior?

The main importance of cleaning car interiors relay on different factors. Cleaning the interior of a vehicle eliminates harmful bacteria that can accumulate on steering wheels, upholstery, and dashboards.


What is the best product to clean the interior of the car?

There is a total of 6 amazing and advanced gadgets and products you can use to clean your car interior. And they are car interior cleaner, interior cleaner & protectant spray, toxin-free interior cleaner runner-up, leather cleaner, upholstery cleaner Kit, and Glass cleaner.