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Automatic Mobile Car Detailing Near Me: 7 Dangers

Automatic car wash and detailing services ruled the industry for a decade, but do you know they are not as superb as you think? In order to clean your car you might be seeking the best service, but then choosing an automatic detailer is just another foolish move. And to help you in this matter, today we are unleashing the truth about automatic car detailing service. So read the entire blog to know why you should not consider service by searching automatic Mobile Car Detailing near me.


7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Service From Automatic Mobile Car Detailing Near Me


Automatic car detailing services can give you fast, hassle-free detailing services for your car. However, despite these conveniences, automatic car washes do more harm than good to your car. Here’s How:


Damage to The Car


The first reason to search for  Mobile Car Detailing near me is that they are more likely to damage your car. You must remember exterior car parts are very weak and easily damageable. And on the other hand, automatic car washes are harsh in nature, which makes them very incompetent for your car. 


Moreover, they are not just able to damage your car’s body, but can also break various crucial car parts. This includes side-view mirrors, antenna, bumpers, and many more.


The Water Used Is Recycled

Automatic car washes might be the most environmentally friendly and water-economical means of detailing your car. But, the purification systems installed in machines to remove contaminants are not that efficient. Ultimately, this results in grit and dirt scratching the surface of your car as it is washed.


Use Harsh Cleaning Agents

While by-hand detailers use various vehicle-friendly equipment, maximum automatic detailers tend to use harsh cleaning agents that are hardly good. Automatic car washes are generally completely touchless and use rotating brushes that scrub against the car to remove dirt. 


Though the contact might not always be aggressive but sometimes old brushes give harsh cleaning. And then if you offer a closer look at your car, it can reveal scratches and swirls on it. 


Use Harsh Chemicals


Another most important reason to avoid service from the search of automatic Mobile Car Detailing near me is that they use harsh chemicals for your car. Apart from harsh equipment, they don’t even avoid using harsh chemicals. 


Car washes use car soaps that contain harsh chemicals like industrial-strength alkaline degreasers. These can also eat away at your car’s clear coat, even your paint, and ultimately leads to corrosion and rust over time.


Not All Dirt Is Removed


Another annoying factor you are going to face with automatic car detailing service is they can’t give you a completely dirt-free car. Whatever you say, a machine has no stand with humans. While a machine is precisely programmed, a human completes work with his knowledge and morality.


 So it’s obvious to get complete dirt-free detailing service from humans while less with machines. Moreover in automation trouble spots are not identified and given the attention they deserve. 


Heat Drying Technique


Since you own a car you must be advised by professionals to keep your car away from direct heat. And if you are advised in that measure you must not even search for automatic Mobile Car Detailing near me.


 You might not know automatic car detailers use a drying technique that applies direct heat to your car. And regular heat drying techniques on your car actually damage your car paint and make it pale. 


Water Spots


You might agree, water sports are one of the most annoying things you have on your car. And with frequent automatic detailing service, you can gain them on your car. Automatic car washing uses industrial water that’s high in calcium.

 Once the car is washed, the dryers don’t dry out all the water, leaving small water spots. These spots can leave white deposits on the car’s body and are tough to remove upon drying.


So if you are searching for automatic Mobile Car Detailing near me then you must immediately stop right there. Instead, you must take your car to service providers who can give you hand service with more advanced equipment. Otherwise, these are circumstances you can probably face. So if you are searching for hand mobile auto detailing near me or mobile car cleaning near me don’t forget to contact us from our official website. Book us now to get the instant mobile car detailing, mobile car cleaning service, mobile car wash Los Angeles.