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How We Apply The Best Ceramic Coating For Cars On A Vehicle

Most car purchasers today are familiar with the term “ceramic coating.” Some people come to us to get the best ceramic coating for cars, even before it is delivered. First, let’s come to the question of why?

Why best ceramic coating for cars is needed?

ceramic coating layers

When we apply the best ceramic coating for cars on your car, the polymer reacts with the factory paint, forming a chemical connection. It can only be removed by abrasion and not by chemicals after it has been coated. Ceramic coating, if done correctly, may last the whole life of the vehicle. So, it is best if you just hire our service, in order to increase the longevity of your car. 

True ceramic coatings are a long-lasting exterior paint protectant that is sprayed as a liquid and cures to produce a hard glass-like layer on top of the paint. Once cured, they form a solid, transparent, slippery, and extremely self-cleaning protective coating.

Nanocoatings are sealants with improved chemistry. They generate stronger molecular interactions and remain longer, with a durability of more than 12 months. Ceramic coatings may still be scratched and swirled and must be compounded and polished like a regular clear coat.

What Is Ceramic Coating Made Of?

Silicon dioxide (silica, Si02) is a common component of the best ceramic coating for cars and is derived from natural elements such as quartz and sand. As an extra hardening agent, we use titanium dioxide (titania, Ti02) sometimes in different sorts of vehicles. When the two are put to a car’s paint, they form a chemical bond with hydrophobic, or water-repellent, qualities that are strong and resistant to common real-world scratches.


Most ceramic coatings may be stacked. That can assist to create an equal layer of coating and increase thickness. We never use too much product. You may think that extra product means better but, stacking up the products won’t give you the expected results.  With just one coat of the best ceramic coating for cars, we can achieve the best outcome, which can be really long-lasting.

The real question here is how thick do you want your paint to be? More layers may not make sense if the thickness isn’t significant, and it’s typically a disadvantage of a coating to add more thickness to the payment rather than a benefit.

How to apply the best ceramic coating on your car?

Step 1: Prep It Like You Mean It

Whether you’re choosing to put a nano-ceramic coating, a paint sealer, or even a paint protection film (PPF), adequate prep work is essential to a successful installation. While manufacturer recommendations may vary based on the product being used, the processes listed below are usually regarded as the “four pillars” of surface preparation.


We remove any surface grime, dirt, and debris that is sitting on the surface. This is the first step in creating a clean canvas for your nano-ceramic coating. Remember, we are applying a semi-permanent layer of protection to your vehicle. So unless you like the sight of magnified bug guts embedded on your hood, we scrub that ride as we mean it.


Once all of the visible contaminants are removed, we move on to lifting deeply embedded debris and invisible impurities. A clay decontamination solution, a clean supply of water, and a lubricating solvent are required for “claying” an automobile. The latter of these may be bought or simply made at home with some surface prep shampoo and a splash of H2O.

Step 2: Finish the Job

Once we are done with the prep work, we get right into the process of ceramic coating. We make sure that the temp. Stay neutral throughout the process. Most ceramic coatings work best when they’re applied to a clean surface that’s approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit and in a low-humidity atmosphere.

There is a lot that goes behind the process of the best ceramic coating for cars. So it is better for you to hire our professional service. We also provide the Importance of car detailing, Car Exterior Detailing, Interior Car Detailing, Car Detailing Steamer, Mobile Car Cleaning Service, Getting Car Detailed for your vehicle.