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Importance of car detailing

Nothing compares to the look, feel, and smell of a brand-new car. Along with routine maintenance, regular detailing of your car is a mandatory step to highlight the irresistible look of your car.

The outer appearance

One of the main reasons for routine Auto detailing is to preserve the original getup of your car.

Passenger’s comfort

A clean and detailed interior is absolutely necessary for the feel-good factor of the people riding in your car and for

Protecting the resale value of your car

Meticulous detailing not only makes your car more attractive to buyers but also greatly increases the value of
the car.

Our Mobile Car Detailing experts provide service that is a testament to excellence. From cleaning the exterior to refreshing the interior, our mobile service is tailored without compromising quality.
At Clean Image, we ensure you the scrutiny of subtle details such as shiny paint, fresh parts without wear, and inflated wheels to showcase an outstanding look and first-class performance of your car.

4 Outstanding Summer Special Car Detailing Tips That Really Work!

When it comes to retaining the functionality and looks of your vehicle, you require taking care of it. And a part of regular car care is knowing how to protect it from the potential dangers of each season. And as now your car is facing the soaring temperature of the summer months, let’s know how to protect it during summer. Go through the next lines and guard your favorite vehicle, following this potent car detailing tips. Continue reading.

Car Detailing Tips To Protect Your Car In The Summer

Avoid The Scorching Sun Heat

In the summer, your vehicle requires extra attention due to the burning sun rays. Keeping your car under it without any cover can cause several problems like mud baking, overheating, and so on. Hence in this season, try to find a shady or underground spot that can shield the car from direct sunlight. And in case you don’t find such a place, go for a windshield sunshade.  It will not only keep the car interior cool but also prevent the damaging effects of sunlight.

Car Detailing company

Detail Your Vehicle Regularly

A year-round auto detailing service is required for every season and every type of car. And summer is not an exception. The hot summer wave can work against your car. The accumulation of debris, dead insects onto the car surface makes it difficult to protect the car finish. To prevent these issues, opt for the professional detailing service.  With the high- quality, waxing, drying, and cleaning service, detailers will give a showroom ready look to the car even during the summer!

Clean Your Car Carefully

Clean your vehicle regularly (every day if possible) to give a shiny look to your car.  While selecting the cleaning products, be careful and choose the mild ones to protect the car exterior from harsh chemicals.  Besides, give equal importance to the interior car detailing as well.

Beginning from the cup holders to windows, clean all parts with equal care.  And you can also think of opting for leather conditioning to enhance the durability of the leather seats. However, to execute all these tasks flawlessly, it is better to leave the matter to the reputed detailers of a trusted company.

Inspect Tire, Hose, and Belt

Underinflated tires can cause problems in the summer days when the pavement becomes hot. It can lead to a severe issue like a blowout in the end. Besides, the hoses and the tire belts may stop working due to the excessive summer heat. Hence, inspect all these parts to assure they are in a flawless state with no signs of damage or cracks.

I hope these simple yet effective car detailing tips will come to your help and do well in your car during the hot summer months. However, if you want to give your vehicle the professional quality care and detailing services, avail our online booking facility. Keep trust in our experienced detailers and their excellent services and keep your vehicle protected.

Stop Believing in These Flawed Car Detailing Myths Right Now!

Car detailing is a potent way to favor your car in different ways. But unfortunately, like other magnificent things, this comes with some meaningless myths as well.  And as a smart car owner, you require refraining yourself from believing and practicing them.  So, in the following lines of this blog, let me point out some of them, and yes, don’t share them with anybody! Keep on reading.

Car Detailing Service

Car detailing myths that can misguide you

  1. Any detergent is a great car washer

Many times it has been pointed as the myth, but hardly people pay attention to it.  Any harsh and strong cleaner may make your car shine, but the constant use of them can damage your car’s paintwork adversely.  Besides eliminating dirt and oils, it also obliterates the polymer that protects the paint layers. A car needs a mild and quality cleaner.

  1.  Washing and detailing are the same!

The former one gives a sparkling and clean look to your vehicle. But the latter one is more detailed, time-consuming, and offers a range of services.  A car detailing package includes unique services such as cleaning, waxing, foam cannon, clay bar treatments, and so on.  It focuses on both the car interior and exterior and removes the stubborn stains effectively.

  1. You can wash your car any time

It sounds natural until you brood over it. It is true you can wash your vehicle at any time, but you have to keep some facts in mind before washing. For instance- if you have kept your car parked under the sun for a long, it will get heated. Washing your vehicle at that time will leave stubborn spots on it you can’t get rid of easily.

  1. There is no difference between waxing and polishing

A huge difference lies between these two procedures. Detailers polish the vehicles to make the vehicle’s surface shiny and gorgeous. On the other hand, the key goal of waxing is to protect the car’s finish. It does this through the polymers, resins, silicones, and resins. Waxing never can give an attractive look to the dull car surface.

  1. Washing is enough to keep the car in good condition

Most car owners think car washing is sufficient for retaining the beautiful look and the functionality of the car. But the reality is, it is just a part of the car caring.  Washing only can eliminate the noticeable dirt from it. Whereas, as mentioned before, detailing takes care of every car part. And enhances its lifespan and functionality.

Car detailing

However, I hope these lines will help you come out of several cars detailing myths.  If you think of detailing your vehicle excellently, get in touch with us. Our well- trained and expert detailers try their best to provide the high- notch detailing services to our customers.  You can avail of online booking facilities from us as well.  Trust our skilled professionals and get a perfectly detailed vehicle conveniently!