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7 Ways Detail Car Cleaning Services Detail Car Dashboard

Dashboards are some of the essential parts of a car. It is basically a control panel of the car through which you can access all functionalities of a car when needed. But with time and use, the area gathers stains, dirt, and debris neither good for your car nor your health. And with the help of professional detail car cleaning services, you can quickly detail your car dashboard and make your car interior clean and hygienic. So if you want to know the 7 practical steps of dashboard detailing, follow this blog!  


7 Effective ways  Detail Car Cleaning Services Detail Car Dashboard

Need help in detailing the car dashboard? Here we are discussing how the best car detailing near me details car dashboards step by step.


Step1: Vacuum


Some common issues you would find while detailing a car dashboard are dirt. Starting from small sand particles to the most minor food spills, you would find things in the nook and corner of the area. And such things need to be removed at the very beginning to prevent possible cross-contamination. 


Professionals use proper vacuums and compressors to blow the filth off the board. Therefore you got a sparkling dashboard.


Step2: Mix Cleaning Solution


When you are finished with vacuuming and compressing, the first thing professionals do is mix the cleaner. A good quality car interior cleaner is processed with non-toxic chemicals making the process more efficient. 


So professional detail car cleaning services choose toxin-free cleansers to clean car dashboards. Professionals primarily dilute the solution by mixing it with water. Then porer it in and spray the machine to apply it on the stained area.


Step3: Apply To Moping Towel


Getting a solid cleanser is not enough to keep your car clean. Another intelligent tool professionals usually carry with them is the Microfiber towel. Unlike regular towels, this cloth is potent enough to sock water fast, making your car day clean and shiner. 


Professional car detailers and washers spray the solution onto a clean microfiber cloth and wipe it on.


Step4: Use Brushes To Clean Knobs


The most tortured thing you would in on the dashboard is the knobs and locks. Since these are the part that gets in contact with your hand, they carry germs, filth even visible stains. And professional detail car cleaning services detail them in this fourth step. 


Professionals use soft-bristles dash brushes of different sizes to detail the knobs. They also repeatedly run those brushes over the air vents, radio, and crevices to remove dust and dirt.


Step5: Wipe Down Surrounding Areas


In the fifth step of the car dashboard detailing, professional detailers detail and wash unimportant areas of the dashboard, usually covered with debris. Professionals detail the steering wheel, dash cover, gear shift, and center console by using the toxin-free cleanser and microfiber towel. 


They primarily spray simple cleaner solution directly into dirty cup holders, making the place clean and fresh.


Step6: Rinse with clean water


Stains are really irritating to tolerate on the dashboard. And to make sure stains don’t grow on your dashboard, professional detail car cleaning services rinse your car. Rising a car not only loosens nasty stains but also makes it dry and prevents water marks.


Step7: Drying


In the last and seventh steps of car detailing, professional detailers dry your car dashboard, giving it a pristine look. And to make the process more efficient, professionals use clean clothes or paper towels to wipe the entire surface one more time.


Here are the 7 practical steps professional detail car cleaning services follow to ensure a clean dashboard in your car. If you want to get auto detailing Los Angeles, car detailing Los Angeles, or mobile auto detailing Los Angeles, contact us through our website. Also, read blogs on interior car detailing near me, mobile car detailing, and car detailing near me prices on our blog section.





What do car detailers use to clean the dashboard?

Car dashboards are some of the most sensitive parts of cars. It carries a radio and some lockers and also possesses AC vents, a bright screen, and sensors. And that’s why professionals use toxin-free products.


How do you clean a dirty dash?

Attempt to pick up any dust or debris on the dash. Next, take a soft microfiber cloth dipped in water to wipe down your dash. If your car’s interior is particularly grimy, fill a bowl with warm water and mild soap.