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Quality Car Detailing Packages: What Do They Include?

Whether you own a gorgeous sports car, BMW, or others,  you may want to keep them in the best condition. And quality car detailing packages give you this chance. Spending money on these packages allows you to refresh, renew, and restore your ride in a splendid vehicle. If you want to refresh your car from all angles, know what good car detailing packages include. Check the following lines to learn more in this context.

Different services you can get from worthy car detailing packages

Reputed car detailing companies divide their detailing packages into two categories. They are interior detailing and exterior detailing. And both of these categories comprise different services. Let’s get an idea about them in the next lines.

Exterior Car Detailing Packages

Clay bar treatment- Clay bar treatment helps in giving a clear and bright finish to the car exterior, removing grunge from the car surface. After you clay your vehicle exterior, the most noticeable advantage your car will get is a smooth exterior. But remember, trying to do it all by yourself can create a mess at the end. Hence it is better to leave it to experts.

Waxing the vehicle exterior-   Waxing is necessary for keeping your car clean. Besides, waxing can do well for your car in several ways. It adds a protective layer to the paint. And natural oil used at the time of waxing gives a head-turning and shiny look to your car. Wait, here the list does not end!  Waxing saves the car from unwanted scratches and makes it look like a brand new one.

Pressure washing– A thorough pressure washing, helps to get rid of dirt and grim that hampers your vehicle’s look. Another benefit of this service is that it makes the exterior cleaning easier.

It allows for cleaning more areas at a fast pace.  However, pressure washing requires using the right amount of water and slowly increasing water pressure. It is better to leave this to the professionals if you think of doing this flawlessly.

Car Detailling

Interior Car Detailing Packages

Now delve into the next part of the discussion and know some services you can get in interior detailing packages.

Conditioning the leather seats- When you condition the leather seat, you can add an extra barrier to protect the car seats. It saves them from water stains. And conditioning the seats every three months saves the seats from cracking or drying out.

Shampooing the interior- A car interior comprises several parts, such as floor mats, carpets, seats, and so on. A thorough shampooing of all these parts extends their lifespan and also eliminates dirt and bacteria.  Hence, when it comes to maintaining a hygienic interior, this service can help.

Vacuum treatment-  A quality vacuum treatment comes with a plethora of benefits. This detailing service helps in eliminating odors from the interiors. It also offers a healthy atmosphere by removing the allergens. The reputed car detailing companies knows how important vacuuming is, and offers this service.

However, to get all these essential services in one place contact us now. Use our online booking facility and let us offer you an excellent car detailing package at a fair rate.

Stop Believing in These Flawed Car Detailing Myths Right Now!

Car detailing is a potent way to favor your car in different ways. But unfortunately, like other magnificent things, this comes with some meaningless myths as well.  And as a smart car owner, you require refraining yourself from believing and practicing them.  So, in the following lines of this blog, let me point out some of them, and yes, don’t share them with anybody! Keep on reading.

Car Detailing Service

Car detailing myths that can misguide you

  1. Any detergent is a great car washer

Many times it has been pointed as the myth, but hardly people pay attention to it.  Any harsh and strong cleaner may make your car shine, but the constant use of them can damage your car’s paintwork adversely.  Besides eliminating dirt and oils, it also obliterates the polymer that protects the paint layers. A car needs a mild and quality cleaner.

  1.  Washing and detailing are the same!

The former one gives a sparkling and clean look to your vehicle. But the latter one is more detailed, time-consuming, and offers a range of services.  A car detailing package includes unique services such as cleaning, waxing, foam cannon, clay bar treatments, and so on.  It focuses on both the car interior and exterior and removes the stubborn stains effectively.

  1. You can wash your car any time

It sounds natural until you brood over it. It is true you can wash your vehicle at any time, but you have to keep some facts in mind before washing. For instance- if you have kept your car parked under the sun for a long, it will get heated. Washing your vehicle at that time will leave stubborn spots on it you can’t get rid of easily.

  1. There is no difference between waxing and polishing

A huge difference lies between these two procedures. Detailers polish the vehicles to make the vehicle’s surface shiny and gorgeous. On the other hand, the key goal of waxing is to protect the car’s finish. It does this through the polymers, resins, silicones, and resins. Waxing never can give an attractive look to the dull car surface.

  1. Washing is enough to keep the car in good condition

Most car owners think car washing is sufficient for retaining the beautiful look and the functionality of the car. But the reality is, it is just a part of the car caring.  Washing only can eliminate the noticeable dirt from it. Whereas, as mentioned before, detailing takes care of every car part. And enhances its lifespan and functionality.

Car detailing

However, I hope these lines will help you come out of several cars detailing myths.  If you think of detailing your vehicle excellently, get in touch with us. Our well- trained and expert detailers try their best to provide the high- notch detailing services to our customers.  You can avail of online booking facilities from us as well.  Trust our skilled professionals and get a perfectly detailed vehicle conveniently!