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Bellflower Car Wash and Detailing

At Clean Image Mobile, our mobile car wash and detailing is the best in Bellflower, California. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality standards. We will make your vehicle look better and become more enjoyable. Those days when instead of annoying lines at the traditional car washes we were having to spend quite some time are already in the past. Serving you with the mobile service, you have your car washes and detailing experiences right at your door. There is no difference whether you are at home or at work as our team will come with everything and ensure your car will look as if it is at the showroom.

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Customized Detailing Services

Every car is different. That's the very reason that we provide you with various services which you can handpick to fit in your requirements. You can choose among our different exterior faculty wash services that include a specialty option or a more detailed package in case you need a more thorough service.

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Premium Services

Exterior Hand Wash and Dry

Our team of experts will give your car a thorough hand wash and dry, removing dirt, grime and other debris from the street. Your car will shine brighter than ever!

Wheel Cleaning and Tire Dressing

We pay attention to every detail, including your wheels. We'll clean them thoroughly, removing brake dust and applying a tire dressing for a polished finish.

Bug & Tar Removal

No more pesky bugs or sticky tar on your vehicle's surface. Our professionals will safely remove any stubborn bug residue or tar spots, leaving your car spotless.

Premium Wax Application

It is important to us to provide additional protection for your vehicle. Our premium wax application will leave a long shine while protecting your car’s paint from the environment.

Glass Cleaning and Polishing

For a classic look, clear windows should look like glass. Ensure that the windshield is thoroughly washed and polished to make sure you can easily see while driving.

Leather Conditioning

If your car is one of a kind with leather seats or upholstery, our treatment will provide a nice texture, shiny appearance and it prevents cracks and fading.

CAR WASH IN "Bellflower"

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We know every vehicle is unique, therefore, our reliable engineering professionals offer their best service for each job. With top of the range materials and techniques, every area is superior.

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