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car detailing in Santa Clarita

Mobile Car Detailing in Santa Clarita

Being mobile car wash and detailing services we are passionate about is what motivates us at Clean Image Mobile to serve the residents of Santa Clarita with unrivaled customer service. The highly-skilled team of professionals of our company is devoted to raising the level of the outlook of your vehicle up to the condition that is definitely convenient in terms of handling.

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Premium Detailing Solutions

Our highly skilled detailers are committed to delivering top-notch service going beyond simple cleaning of the outside surface. We apply the best-grade tools and recipe to restore your vehicle's glossy look and protect its finish. The interior is cleaned until it shines, the exterior is polished, and the wax is applied to make it shine. We put a showroom shine to it instead of just talking about a detail.

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Services Offered

Hand Wash

Professional crew will do a hand wash of your vehicle, maximizing the cleanliness level by being gentle to your car and leaving it sparkly clean.

Paint Protection

Protect your car's paint using our top quality protection paint services that are developed to do this by using UV rays, dirt, and other contaminants.

Bug & Tar Removal

You don't have to fight stubborn bugs and tar spots anymore as we have assigned these jobs to our technicians and resources, which gives excellent end results.

Vacuuming & Upholstery Cleaning

We clean the interiors of cars with vacuum cleaners and pick out dust and trash from every little corner. Moreover, we will bring your carpets back to life.

Dashboard & Console Cleaning

These specialists will treat your dashboard and console surfaces using the most careful cleaning and polishing, so they will look just as new as they were originally.

Odor Elimination

Say hello with pleasant odors with our effective odors removal treatments which leave your car smelling fresh.

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Add-On Services

  • Glass Cleaning: We’ll have your windows and mirrors shining brightly so that your view is at the sharpest it can be.
  • Tire Shine: Gorgeously present your wheels with our tire shine service, clean and shiny.
  • Headlight Restoration: Give your vehicle headlights cleanliness and make them look good with our headlight restoration services.

car detailing in South El Monte

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Choose the convenience of our mobile services and get us at the location of your choice in Santa Clarita. Our team is armed with the latest and the safest tools and products to ensure that the job comes out spotless and it is done in an eco-friendly manner. Visit our business, Trust Clean Image Mobile for the finest car wash and detailing services in Santa Clarita!



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