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car detailing in South El Monte

South Gate Mobile Car Wash and Detailing Services

At Clean Image Mobile, we can proudly say that we have the capacity to deliver superior mobile car wash and detailing services in the comfort of your homes within South Gate. With our dedication to quality, we could provide necessary maintenance of your car, which in result your vehicle will look good as new.

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Premium Detailing Solutions

Committed to personalized high-quality detailing services, our team of professional technicians exceeds cleaning the surface as their workmanship is what distinguishes us. We utilize high-quality post and pre-washing products as well as advanced automotive paint protection methods to recreate its shine and safeguard the paintwork. It is not just carpet and upholstery cleaning that we do, but we also focus on the detail on the inside and outside of vehicles to polish and wax them so that they will look like new in a showroom.

car detailing company in South El Monte

Our Services

Exterior Wash

Our exterior wash service will leave your vehicle looking fresh and clean. We apply our safe and powerful methods to wash down the entire exterior facade from the dirt, grime and other dirt particles. Your car will be like the day it rolled off the showroom!

Interior Detailing

We care and pay attention to clean all the spaces inside of your vehicle to make sure every tiny detail is covered. Whether it’s from vacuuming, dusting, spot cleaning, or stain removal, we guarantee a sparkling interior which smells great.

Paint Protection

To prevent your car from paint damage caused by the Environment, we have professional paint protection services available. The protective finishes we offer provide a sheath against UV rays, bird droppings, dirt, and others.

Premium Waxing

Further complement the shine with our waxing service for ultimate shine and protection. Our top quality super waxes build a long lasting protective barrier against all types of dirt, dust and ultraviolet light, thus keeping the vehicle in perfect condition.

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Environmentally Friendly Practices

As our company Clean Image Mobile emphasizes on the ecologically-friendly approach, it utilizes only nature-friendly products which won’t be harmful to a car and the environment it is operated in. With our water conservation ideas and eco-detergents not harboring the employee toxicity, we can minimize the environmental impact of our company yet guarantee the high quality products and services.

car detailing in South El Monte

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