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Amazed at your positive responses,we give you some of our awesome interior cleaning hacks

Use of a vacuum

You must be using vacuum cleaners at home,right? Ever think of their use in cars?Well,as much vacuum cleaning is important in homes,your car needs some vacuuming too. Starting from seats,carpets, and mats to headliner, rear cargo area and trunk,all are vacuumed to clean debris.

How to get rid of the stingy stains?

Stains are man’s enemy,specially the tough ones that are hard to get rid off.Sure you must be tired of these unwanted guests on your car’s mat or carpet.Now,it is time to say goodbye to them.We will give your car floor,mats and carpets a tedious scrubbing and brushing to make those stains go away.

Making sure the stains are gone through steam cleaning

If the stains do not 100% disappear,still no worry.To get rid of the touch stains in carpets and seats,steam cleaning is a more useful process that we arrange for.

A clear view

Obviously, you don’t want to see the outside through hazy car windows. A clear windshield is a must for the driver or else the vision will be blurred.We make those windows and windshields crystal clear in your car, through glass cleaning. This is done with full attention to the glasses only.

Leather trimming

To condition, the leather parts of your car is very important.A leather cleaner and soap are used by us to clean any leather part of the vehicle.

What smells awesome, feels awesome too!

A deodorant is often sprayed inside the car to bring back the brand-new smell of a clean, shiny car. Perfuming your car is one of our favorites.

Avail of our professional car detailing service at Clean Image to get a nice-smelling, sparkling car and drive back home with full satisfaction.

Importance of car detailing

Nothing compares to the look, feel, and smell of a brand-new car. Along with routine maintenance, regular detailing of your car is a mandatory step to highlight the irresistible look of your car.

The outer appearance

One of the main reasons for routine Auto detailing is to preserve the original getup of your car.

Passenger’s comfort

A clean and detailed interior is absolutely necessary for the feel-good factor of the people riding in your car and for

Protecting the resale value of your car

Meticulous detailing not only makes your car more attractive to buyers but also greatly increases the value of
the car.

Our Mobile Car Detailing experts provide service that is a testament to excellence. From cleaning the exterior to refreshing the interior, our mobile service is tailored without compromising quality.
At Clean Image, we ensure you the scrutiny of subtle details such as shiny paint, fresh parts without wear, and inflated wheels to showcase an outstanding look and first-class performance of your car.

Your Top Questions Regarding Swirl Marks On Car – Answered Here!

Swirl marks are nothing but the fine scratches that hamper the look of your spectacular car. They dull the vehicle paint and create eye-sore, especially when the sun pops out! These marks are one of those things every car owner wants to get rid of. However, if you belong to this group, several questions may arise in your mind about these unsightly marks. I hope today’s blog will help you to get the relevant answers related to it.

car cleaning


Swirl Marks- Addressing Some Relevant Quarries


What Causes These Marks?

These circular patterned marks are most commonly created by the careless car wiping with a dry and grimy towel. Besides, improper drying and washing methods work as culprits. These two are a few amidst many that leave unsightly swirl marks on your car. Some other notable causes are :

1. Excessive use of harsh and chemical-based polishing substances and the paint cleaners.

2. Using buffers and the car polishers with a wrong pad.

3. Not washing the vehicle properly before drying.

4. Wiping the car with polyester applicators or towels.

5. Relying on auto automatic car washing methods and using brushes.

Some Features of Swirl Marks

You may notice them properly on the flat car surfaces like hoods or truck. They become more prominent on dark color vehicles and appear on the doors as well.

Cars with light colors, such as white, grey, silver, do not show these marks as they are the good reflectors of lights. But it does not mean these cars don’t get affected by this problem.

Ways to Prevent These Marks

Prevention is better than cure, so it is advisable to take the right protective measures beforehand. Following these ways will help you prevent these successfully.

Don’t apply cheap quality washing products on your car surface.

It is better to use soft and cotton fabrics while washing the car.

Wash your vehicle regularly, and don’t avoid swirl marks at an initial stage.

Use the right lubricants to prevent paint damage.

How to Remove Swirl Marks Permanently?

The most potent means to obliterate these marks is to polish the paint of your car. You also may think of temporary swirl marks hiding alternatives. Several products may suit this purpose. But the final results will be brief and less effective.

Car polishing is another way to get rid of these unsightly marks. In the case you have ignored the swirl marks for long, and they become a heavy, cutter polish may provide a potent solution.

And to do all these tasks flawlessly, you need the help of reputed car detailers. Instead of trying to fix these marks by yourself, keep trust on them. They will help you get a sparkling and spotless vehicle by their proper detailing techniques.

Keep Your Trust in Us

Deal with our company to give a mesmerizing look to your car by eliminating unwanted swirl marks. We value our customers and come with an easy online booking facility. Book our service sitting at home and give a showroom-like finish to your vehicle.

4 Outstanding Summer Special Car Detailing Tips That Really Work!

When it comes to retaining the functionality and looks of your vehicle, you require taking care of it. And a part of regular car care is knowing how to protect it from the potential dangers of each season. And as now your car is facing the soaring temperature of the summer months, let’s know how to protect it during summer. Go through the next lines and guard your favorite vehicle, following this potent car detailing tips. Continue reading.

Car Detailing Tips To Protect Your Car In The Summer

Avoid The Scorching Sun Heat

In the summer, your vehicle requires extra attention due to the burning sun rays. Keeping your car under it without any cover can cause several problems like mud baking, overheating, and so on. Hence in this season, try to find a shady or underground spot that can shield the car from direct sunlight. And in case you don’t find such a place, go for a windshield sunshade.  It will not only keep the car interior cool but also prevent the damaging effects of sunlight.

Car Detailing company

Detail Your Vehicle Regularly

A year-round auto detailing service is required for every season and every type of car. And summer is not an exception. The hot summer wave can work against your car. The accumulation of debris, dead insects onto the car surface makes it difficult to protect the car finish. To prevent these issues, opt for the professional detailing service.  With the high- quality, waxing, drying, and cleaning service, detailers will give a showroom ready look to the car even during the summer!

Clean Your Car Carefully

Clean your vehicle regularly (every day if possible) to give a shiny look to your car.  While selecting the cleaning products, be careful and choose the mild ones to protect the car exterior from harsh chemicals.  Besides, give equal importance to the interior car detailing as well.

Beginning from the cup holders to windows, clean all parts with equal care.  And you can also think of opting for leather conditioning to enhance the durability of the leather seats. However, to execute all these tasks flawlessly, it is better to leave the matter to the reputed detailers of a trusted company.

Inspect Tire, Hose, and Belt

Underinflated tires can cause problems in the summer days when the pavement becomes hot. It can lead to a severe issue like a blowout in the end. Besides, the hoses and the tire belts may stop working due to the excessive summer heat. Hence, inspect all these parts to assure they are in a flawless state with no signs of damage or cracks.

I hope these simple yet effective car detailing tips will come to your help and do well in your car during the hot summer months. However, if you want to give your vehicle the professional quality care and detailing services, avail our online booking facility. Keep trust in our experienced detailers and their excellent services and keep your vehicle protected.

Surprising Changes to Find in Your Car Interior After Professional Detailing

Cars are one of the most favorite and expensive possession anybody can have. But, unfortunately, after years of usage, they lose the charm, and in case we require bringing them back to life. And quality car detailing services can do it rightly. Believe it or not, you will find some positive differences in both your car interior and exterior after detailing your car. In today’s blog, we are going to present before you some differences before and after detailing the interior.  Delve into the following lines to gather more information in this regard.

Interior Car Detailing- Before And After Changes

These are some changes you will experience after detailing your car interior rightly. Keep on reading.

car detailing service

Before – Car seats

Most people don’t allow eating or drinking, sitting in a new vehicle. But unfortunately, this care fades away when the car grows old. And spills and seat messes become very common. And it finally leads us to some dirty, unhealthy, and messy sitting places. Don’t Worry ! You can bring a dramatic change to these seats with interior car detailing.

After – Car seats

The car detailers follow several means to give you back the new looking and attractive seats. Some of them are vacuuming, upholstery cleaning, leather conditioning, wiping down of seats, and so on. All these services can bring them back to the previous condition providing a brand new look.

Before- Flooring

Clean and nice car floors not only create an impressive car interior but also maintain a healthy ambiance. But like other car parts, they also may become pale, dirty and can hamper the look of your car.  Well, you need not worry, as car detailing services take care of these parts.

After – Flooring

Some basic car detailing services that can offer with awe-inspiring floorings are vacuuming, removal of the mats, eliminating stains, and so on. You may feel surprised to see the difference after availing of the service.

car detailing

Before – Car Engine

While most car owners focus on exterior and interior detailing, they often neglect what’s under the hood.  And ignoring the engine beneath the hood may cause severe problems at the end. And according to the experts, the cleaning of this part is significant to enhance the longevity of the car.

After – Car Engine

Ill maintained and dirty engines can hide different problems. It also can damage the pulleys adversely. And a well- detailed engine can help running your car longer and also increases the curb appeals of the vehicle. Perhaps engine detailing is the most significant detailing job that can do well for your vehicle.

Hence, what holds you back? To experience the wonderful difference in your car interior after and before detailing, get in touch with a trusted detailer now. He can ensure you get a brand new looking car with his range of detailing services. Choose us, to avail of high-notch detailing services at a fair rate and you can book our services online. Our experienced detailers try their best to cater to the requirements of each client.

Stop Believing in These Flawed Car Detailing Myths Right Now!

Car detailing is a potent way to favor your car in different ways. But unfortunately, like other magnificent things, this comes with some meaningless myths as well.  And as a smart car owner, you require refraining yourself from believing and practicing them.  So, in the following lines of this blog, let me point out some of them, and yes, don’t share them with anybody! Keep on reading.

Car Detailing Service

Car detailing myths that can misguide you

  1. Any detergent is a great car washer

Many times it has been pointed as the myth, but hardly people pay attention to it.  Any harsh and strong cleaner may make your car shine, but the constant use of them can damage your car’s paintwork adversely.  Besides eliminating dirt and oils, it also obliterates the polymer that protects the paint layers. A car needs a mild and quality cleaner.

  1.  Washing and detailing are the same!

The former one gives a sparkling and clean look to your vehicle. But the latter one is more detailed, time-consuming, and offers a range of services.  A car detailing package includes unique services such as cleaning, waxing, foam cannon, clay bar treatments, and so on.  It focuses on both the car interior and exterior and removes the stubborn stains effectively.

  1. You can wash your car any time

It sounds natural until you brood over it. It is true you can wash your vehicle at any time, but you have to keep some facts in mind before washing. For instance- if you have kept your car parked under the sun for a long, it will get heated. Washing your vehicle at that time will leave stubborn spots on it you can’t get rid of easily.

  1. There is no difference between waxing and polishing

A huge difference lies between these two procedures. Detailers polish the vehicles to make the vehicle’s surface shiny and gorgeous. On the other hand, the key goal of waxing is to protect the car’s finish. It does this through the polymers, resins, silicones, and resins. Waxing never can give an attractive look to the dull car surface.

  1. Washing is enough to keep the car in good condition

Most car owners think car washing is sufficient for retaining the beautiful look and the functionality of the car. But the reality is, it is just a part of the car caring.  Washing only can eliminate the noticeable dirt from it. Whereas, as mentioned before, detailing takes care of every car part. And enhances its lifespan and functionality.

Car detailing

However, I hope these lines will help you come out of several cars detailing myths.  If you think of detailing your vehicle excellently, get in touch with us. Our well- trained and expert detailers try their best to provide the high- notch detailing services to our customers.  You can avail of online booking facilities from us as well.  Trust our skilled professionals and get a perfectly detailed vehicle conveniently!

Stepwise Car Detailing Process Followed By The professional Detailers

You may hear about car detailing, especially if you care for this possession. Car detailing is a process that can give a new life to your old car and also keeps it in the best condition.  And when it comes to this process, most of the detailing professionals follow some common steps.   In the next lines, I am going to introduce you to these steps. Let’s start reading!

professional car detailing

Look at the professional car detailing steps in more detail

Washing-  At the initial step experts wash vehicles with water and mild washing materials. The main aim of this step is to avoid scratching and eliminating dirt.

Drying-  In this step, professional detailers dry the vehicle using the blower.  Besides the blower, microfiber towels also can do this task successfully.

Claying-  Claying process helps in eliminating the pollutants and the contaminants from the vehicle’s paint, metal, and glass.  Reputed auto detailers use clay bars during this procedure. Clay bar lubricants refer to engineered resin mixture that assures the perfect claying.  Several parts of the vehicle, beginning from window to headlamps, require claying.

Prep-  In this full car detailing step detailers focus on, claying down each section of the car to eliminate any residue. Many detailing experts also clean the paintworks further with the post- clay spirit.

Inspecting-  As the name suggests, this step involves a careful inspection. In this step, professional detailers inspect the car to check if the paintwork requires any correction. This step helps in identifying the imperfections of the painting effectively.

Polishing- Polishing gives a shiny and attractive look to your vehicle.  This process becomes important if you feel the requirement of paint correction.  In the polishing step, detailers require two things, i.e. polishing compounds and buffing pads. And when it comes to selecting these pads, you require choosing it depending on the paint type.

Protecting-  Once the paint correction is complete, now the time has come to protect the paintwork. It is a must found step in all full car detailing packages. This process involves using the polymer sealants, and the layering wax.

This sealant can provide the right protection, but many car owners prefer to layer waxes on the sealers’ top. Professional auto detailers let the sealant cure for twelve hours between the layers.

Fabrication- Leather seats of every vehicle need care. Reputed detailers know this well and use quality leather cleaner during this step. After the cleaning and drying process becomes complete, detailers finish it off with the quality leather conditioner.   In the fabrication step, identifying the leather types become important, and experts provide apt fabrication considering the leather type.

Car Detailer

Hence, these are the steps a reliable detailer follows. Now, if you think of getting your favorite car detailing methodically, contact us. Our eminent detailing experts help you get an unblemished and attractive car through their services. We are available with online booking facilities as well. Get in touch with us now without further looking back.

Car Detailing – The Best Way To Make Your Car Shine!

When it comes to giving an impressive look to your favorite car, you might not leave any stone unturned as the car owner. However, these days several means are available on the market that can do this task successfully. Car detailing is one of the most potent ways amidst them. Want to know this in detail? Get introduced to it, the generally followed professional car detailing process,  and of course its advantages in the following lines of the blog.

Know about car detailing definition, steps, advantages here 

What is Car Detailing?

Precisely put,  car detailing refers to a thorough and detailed top to bottom cleaning of your vehicle.  Car detailers use specialized products to do this task. Besides the washing, a detailer also performs other tasks, such as reconditioning of interior and exterior, scratch elimination, and so on.

This process differs from car washing in different aspects. A car wash involves eliminating the dirt on your vehicle exterior. But, detailing takes it more further. A detailer offers you a shining, polished, and vacuumed vehicle, that can be presented as a new one.

Car detailing service

Car detailing steps followed  by the experts

An organized and thorough auto detailing involves to main phases: exterior detailing and interior detailing. In the following lines, we have tried to give a precise idea about these two main steps.  Check them out.

Exterior Car Detailing

Generally, expert detailers begin with the exhaustive exterior wash to eliminate the dirt. In the next steps, they use wheel cleaning products and brushes to take off the dirt from wheels.

After that, detailers wash and dry the paintworks with the microfibre towels. Then this paintwork is clayed to eliminate the tightly bonded dirt. Many times, detailers polish the paints to give a glowing look. This part is the most time-consuming part of auto detailing.

Finally, exterior detailing ends with the paint waxing to provide an added protective layer to the car. Experts polish the remaining car exterior part after the waxing becomes complete.

Exterior Car Detailing

Interior Car Detailing

As the name suggests, this detailing part involves the detailing of the car interior. In this step, experts remove dirt stains from seats, floors by vacuuming. Besides these parts, detailers give a shining look to the interior glasses with proper cleaning and polishing.

Car cleaning and polishing

A significant optional step

Only detailing the car interior and exterior is not enough to keep your vehicle in the best condition. Considering this, several companies include the engine cleaning into their car detailing packages. Cleaning the engine properly and regularly help in the faster and easier identification of the engine problems and increase the lifespan of it.

Car Detailing benefits

Only knowing about the car detailing process theoretically might not make you interested in detailing your vehicle. But, I am sure you will feel enthusiastic about it after knowing its benefits. Here are the excellent advantages of the auto detailing.

  1. Quality auto detailing increases the value of your car, enhancing its appeal.
  2. It protects your vehicle from swirls, scratches, and other elements.
  3. Regular car detailing increases the life span of your favorite car.

However, if you think of investing in this project, rely on us. We come with several cars detailing packages, with online booking facilities. Keep faith in us to get a shining and head-turning vehicle now.