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Highlighting the role of the engine

Being a major component on which the car’s running depends, the maintenance of the engine is absolutely essential to increase longevity of your vehicle. Frequent conditioning of the engine is mandatory to guarantee its efficient working.

Why to detail your engine?

An ill-maintained engine may affect the pulleys and adversely impact your car in the long run. It is a primary concern of ours to work on the engine separately while we service your car as we know how difficult it is to condition it on your own. A professional assistance like ours will regulate the smooth working of your engine in a jiffy.

How we do what we do?

Engine detailing is one of the major steps to ensure appropriate working of the car. Here is a peak at the techniques we employ to detail your car engine.

Motor cleaning

Covered by the hood, you cannot see how dirty your engine gets. So, thoroughly washing it is the first step we focus on.

Electrical feature care

All electrical parts are covered with saran wrap to prevent water from getting into them. We focus on protecting the alarm systems, wiring of the battery, spark plugs and distributor caps.

Degreasing the engine

A degreaser detergent is a professional clean-up option for the engine. Ensuring that the engine is not too hot the detergent is cautiously applied.

Pressure Washer time

Once the detergent has settled, it is time for the rinse. Using a pressure washer, the pressure is lowered to avoid blasting water into the electrical components. We spray down the cleaner and residue until the engine is as clean as possible.

Dry wiping

We then wipe the engine dry with microfiber towels or soft old rags. The non-metal areas are sprayed with a plastic/vinyl care spray. Then the plastic cap is removed.

The more you drive your car, the dirtier your engine bay gets due to accumulation of grime. The unclean conditions or fluid leaks in the engine may not only damage the engine itself but cause severe problems to the car functioning later. But, a timely check up of the engine just like a routine doctor’s check up can help pinpoint the issues and mend it. Engine is the car’s soul so a professional care of it is vital.

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Windshield – A car’s protector

A spic and span vehicle is what we will provide for you once you take up our services at Clean Image. As we are passionate about our car detailing hacks, we want to enlighten you of the necessity of keeping your glass windshield clean. Just as the clean and fresh vibes inside a car are needed to please your passengers and yourself, a windshield is a major safety gear to offer you a clear view of the road.

Here are some comments from us on the windshield and why you should look out for its cleanness.

Significance as a protective shield

A windshield prevents the entry of outside contaminants like dirt and debris into the car. Similar to the protection offered by a security guard who checks the entry of outside visitors, a car’s windshield controls the entry of unwanted pollutants and particles from affecting the car interiors and the ones riding it. To keep the windshield sparkling clean, a glass cleaning shampoo is a great choice to soak up the dirt and this keeps it dirt-free.

Ensuring safety due to clear visibility

Having a clear view of the road is essential for a safe drive. A clean windshield will help you avoid path obstructions and obstacles and ensure a safe and careful drive. In case you notice cracks on your windshield, you should immediately replace it with a new one as the safety of your car depends a lot on this equipment.

Proper working of wiper blades

Constant exposure to corrosive UV rays limits the life span of the outer wiper blades. Particularly during monsoon season, a perfectly clean windshield allows the efficient functioning of the wiper blades. So, you must take care of the cleanliness of your windshield to make sure that the wiper blades are working properly and lasts longer.

Longer durability of a crystal clear windshield

Whether the sun is shining brightly or the rains are heavily down pouring, a clean windshield is mandatory for road safety. A dirty windshield or a cracked one is sure to stop working smoothly after a while. If not replaced urgently, small cracks may develop into bigger ones and you will be at high risk of visibility obstruction.

Attending to the windshield with a soft microfiber cloth and a cleaning lotion will increase its durability of the windshield.

Whenever you are going for a drive, be sure to check your windshield once and give it a quick wipe to keep the glass clean. Every part of your car is precious in its own way and is responsible for its overall workability. The windshield is the eye of a car, so keep it spotless to see crystal clear!

Tips to clean your car AC vents

The tight-spaced air conditioning vents are difficult to clean with a cloth. So, low priced foam paintbrushes do the effective trick of cleaning them minutely. At Clean Image, our detailing methods include a comprehensive cleaning of each and every car part, but by chance if your car AC vent emits a repelling odour or becomes extra dusty, you can clean it yourself with a disinfectant spray cleaner. Here are some of our tips to take care of the air conditioning system in your car.

Vent cleaning with a foam paintbrush

Foam paintbrush is the best choice to clean the inward depths of the narrow spaces between the vent slits.

Homemade cleaning solution

An easy to make homemade solution can be made by combining equal proportions of warm water and vinegar and then you can dab your foam brush into it to wholly clean the vents.


You can rinse your brush or use another one to remove the collected debris and dust fully and then finally, use a dry towel to dry up the water. The used brush should be then cleaned with warm water and dish detergent.

Replacing Air filter

You must replace the used air filter with a new one every once in a while to ensure a purified breathing atmosphere inside your car, especially if you live in a high-pollution city area.

Air intake vents

Keep the air intake vents free from dead leaves and debris by using a broom or small hand brush. You can spray the inside of the vents with a sanitizing cleaner.

Remember that enzymatic disinfectants will help to kill mould or fungi growth in your vent system and make your vent system anti-bacterial. Keeping the car doors and windows shut, you can spray the disinfectant cleaner inside the whole car also to make the inner air germ-free.

You then must turn your AC and fan to maximum power and later open the doors and windows with the fan still on for some time.

Mould growth prevention

Switch-off process

The fan should be allowed to blow even after you have switched off the AC, particularly before reaching a destination. This blowing is useful to prevent mould growth.

Importance of the blower

You should keep the blower running, with or without the accompaniment of the AC as this will keep the air fresh and shield against mould growth.

Car AC vents determine the quality of air you breathe while travelling in the car. For a healthy air intake, your vents should be cautiously maintained. Making your car shiny is not only about the outward appeal. The refreshing inner vibes matter to those who step into it and along with a fragrant car air purifier, a clean air vent is must for keeping the inside car atmosphere pure, fresh and mould-free.

Interesting you in a guide to steering wheel clean-up

Though located inside your car, the steering wheel is an integral part of any transport. Having the capability of attracting dirt, oil, and bacteria, if steering wheels are left unclean and ill-maintained, they may get slippery from the dirt accumulation. Here are some of our suggestions to make your steering wheel crystal clean and glossy.

Choice of cleaning agent as per the type of steering wheel your car has

The material composition of the steering wheel is different for every car. Though faux leather is the most popular material, plastic, wooden, or standard leather wheels are also available. In the case of self-cleaning, you better look up the manual to find out how to clean them correctly.

In the case of plastic or faux leather, a disinfectant mixture with water needs to be applied while wood polish works best on wheels made of natural wood. Leather conditioner is suitable for cleaning steering wheels made of genuine leather. As per our involvement in the detailing method, we recommend leather conditioner for even overall cleaning of your car interiors as it is a very gentle applicant.

Use of microfibre towel

The selected cleaner should be poured onto a microfibre towel and then dabbed on the steering wheel. The cleaner must not be sprayed directly on the wheel as it may get collected behind the dashboard.

Cleaning via towel twist

Twist the towel around your steering and clean all sides of the wheel to thoroughly cleanse out whatever grime is stuck onto it. During the dirt removal process, be careful not to put excess pressure on the steering wheel as it may take off the colour too. The centre of the wheel must be nicely cleaned as well.

Wiping with a wet cloth

With a clean and water-soaked cloth, wipe off the cleaner minutely from every area you had applied it.

Drying process

Right after you have cleaned the wheel with a damp cloth, use a dry microfibre towel to remove water. After the final dry up, your steering wheel will have a glamorous new display.

For a self-incorporated cleaning, wear gloves to protect the steering wheel from coming into contact with your body oil and also to protect yourself from chemicals. To ensure a professional level steering wheel cleaning, Clean Image is always at your service. But your wheel should not be neglected. Timely attention to clean your steering wheel will make it fresh and fine and this will motivate you to enjoy your ride as you grasp it for driving.