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Interesting you in a guide to steering wheel clean-up

Though located inside your car, the steering wheel is an integral part of any transport. Having the capability of attracting dirt, oil, and bacteria, if steering wheels are left unclean and ill-maintained, they may get slippery from the dirt accumulation. Here are some of our suggestions to make your steering wheel crystal clean and glossy.

Choice of cleaning agent as per the type of steering wheel your car has

The material composition of the steering wheel is different for every car. Though faux leather is the most popular material, plastic, wooden, or standard leather wheels are also available. In the case of self-cleaning, you better look up the manual to find out how to clean them correctly.

In the case of plastic or faux leather, a disinfectant mixture with water needs to be applied while wood polish works best on wheels made of natural wood. Leather conditioner is suitable for cleaning steering wheels made of genuine leather. As per our involvement in the detailing method, we recommend leather conditioner for even overall cleaning of your car interiors as it is a very gentle applicant.

Use of microfibre towel

The selected cleaner should be poured onto a microfibre towel and then dabbed on the steering wheel. The cleaner must not be sprayed directly on the wheel as it may get collected behind the dashboard.

Cleaning via towel twist

Twist the towel around your steering and clean all sides of the wheel to thoroughly cleanse out whatever grime is stuck onto it. During the dirt removal process, be careful not to put excess pressure on the steering wheel as it may take off the colour too. The centre of the wheel must be nicely cleaned as well.

Wiping with a wet cloth

With a clean and water-soaked cloth, wipe off the cleaner minutely from every area you had applied it.

Drying process

Right after you have cleaned the wheel with a damp cloth, use a dry microfibre towel to remove water. After the final dry up, your steering wheel will have a glamorous new display.

For a self-incorporated cleaning, wear gloves to protect the steering wheel from coming into contact with your body oil and also to protect yourself from chemicals. To ensure a professional level steering wheel cleaning, Clean Image is always at your service. But your wheel should not be neglected. Timely attention to clean your steering wheel will make it fresh and fine and this will motivate you to enjoy your ride as you grasp it for driving.

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