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Windshield – A car’s protector

A spic and span vehicle is what we will provide for you once you take up our services at Clean Image. As we are passionate about our car detailing hacks, we want to enlighten you of the necessity of keeping your glass windshield clean. Just as the clean and fresh vibes inside a car are needed to please your passengers and yourself, a windshield is a major safety gear to offer you a clear view of the road.

Here are some comments from us on the windshield and why you should look out for its cleanness.

Significance as a protective shield

A windshield prevents the entry of outside contaminants like dirt and debris into the car. Similar to the protection offered by a security guard who checks the entry of outside visitors, a car’s windshield controls the entry of unwanted pollutants and particles from affecting the car interiors and the ones riding it. To keep the windshield sparkling clean, a glass cleaning shampoo is a great choice to soak up the dirt and this keeps it dirt-free.

Ensuring safety due to clear visibility

Having a clear view of the road is essential for a safe drive. A clean windshield will help you avoid path obstructions and obstacles and ensure a safe and careful drive. In case you notice cracks on your windshield, you should immediately replace it with a new one as the safety of your car depends a lot on this equipment.

Proper working of wiper blades

Constant exposure to corrosive UV rays limits the life span of the outer wiper blades. Particularly during monsoon season, a perfectly clean windshield allows the efficient functioning of the wiper blades. So, you must take care of the cleanliness of your windshield to make sure that the wiper blades are working properly and lasts longer.

Longer durability of a crystal clear windshield

Whether the sun is shining brightly or the rains are heavily down pouring, a clean windshield is mandatory for road safety. A dirty windshield or a cracked one is sure to stop working smoothly after a while. If not replaced urgently, small cracks may develop into bigger ones and you will be at high risk of visibility obstruction.

Attending to the windshield with a soft microfiber cloth and a cleaning lotion will increase its durability of the windshield.

Whenever you are going for a drive, be sure to check your windshield once and give it a quick wipe to keep the glass clean. Every part of your car is precious in its own way and is responsible for its overall workability. The windshield is the eye of a car, so keep it spotless to see crystal clear!

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