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Our views on the necessity of interior leather car care

Aware of the circulating myths regarding conventional care for leather interior of your car, we have discussed some of the things that are important for you to know.

If undertaken proper maintenance, your car’s leather will stay in an intact form for a long time.

Myth : A new car leather does not need care

Staring from sales people to car owners, this is a common misconception that a newly bought car does not require its leather interiors to be thoroughly cared.

Fact : The recently improved thin vinyl coating may not need daily maintenance but your car upholstery still needs regular cleaning and conditioning.

Myth : The refreshing smell of new car leather cannot be revived.

Many believe that the mood-uplifting fresh leather smell fades away with time.

Fact : It is certain that a dedicated maintenance of your leather upholstery will keep alive the scent. Besides in case of a lost smell, a top-quality leather scent spray does wonders in reviving back the fresh vibes.

Myth : The wrongful acknowledgement of the superiority of cream leather conditioner.

Fact : A cream-based conditioner cannot enter the micro-perforations in a vinyl coating. This was not the case before 1990s but with modern advancement, this disadvantage arose. A first-class liquid leather conditioner is what you need to get absorbed into the leather and hydrate it.

Myth : Water can stain leather

Water is often held to be an enemy of leather.

Fact : Not only can leather surfaces be wiped with a damp cloth but they can also be scrubbed with soapy water. Just a thorough drying needs to ensue to prevent signs of discolouration.

Now that you know the responsiveness of leather to sincere care and maintenance, frequent care methods like leather cleaner sprays and conditioning are vital steps to restore the comfy feel and the mind-blowing gloss and smell of your car leather.

Which is a better choice…paint sealant or car wax?

One of the main protective measures for restoring your car’s painted glow is the use of applicants that offer an effective coat of protective layer. Among the popular applicants are car waxes and paint sealants. Guessing that you do not know the exact difference between the two and are confused about which will make the better choice, we have provided a disclosure about the details of car wax and sealant to help you understand the properties of both.

A little on car wax

The main ingredient contained in any standard car wax is Carnauba wax. Being water-resistant, Carnauba wax does not melt in high temperatures and is easy to handle. This soft and natural wax enhances the faded glow of your car’s paint coating. Giving depth to dark colors and shine to lighter ones, carnauba wax products reduce the flaw marks and bring back the color magic. Thus, good quality car wax gives an outstanding finish to your car and serves the purpose of shielding against contaminants.

Its limitations – Nothing comes free of limitations though. As opposed to paint sealant, a major setback of car wax is that it does not have sufficient durability. Though carnauba wax can stand up to heat, when applied on a very heated car surface, it reaches its melting point. Now, this is an unwanted scenario as extreme heat will cause the currently applied wax to evaporate and your car will be devoid of its protective coating. Waxes are also incompatible with harsh car soaps and detergents and this makes it difficult to withstand when exposed to them.

A little on paint sealants

Unlike car wax, paint sealants are fully chemical products that offer high levels of protection to your car paint. Being artificially created in labs, sealants have greater durability than car wax. Also, a high-quality sealant is usually able to combat the effects of excess heat, harsh detergent, excess water, and general wear.

Sealants cover car wax

What a paint sealant produces is slightly different from the result of what carnauba wax produces and this is the sealant offers a mesmerizing shine while the wax offers a soft glow. Yet, as the survey suggests, most car owners usually prefer the spectacular display of sealant application than that of wax. Plus, sealants work admirably well on colors like black, gray, white etc.

Though unable to produce the stunning glow carnauba wax produces, sealants are a more popular choice for quality car detailing purposes. They offer a highly protective coat and bring out a dazzling shine and surface reflection of your precious car.

Final note

So, now that your confusion hopefully resolved about the characteristics of sealants and car wax, you have a free decision to make. If the eye-catching shine is what you want your car to project, sealants are ideal applicants but if you want the illuminating warm glow to be showcased by your car, go for a wax. But, in terms of protection, you know what we prefer!

Increased importance of car detailing in rising times

The necessity of car detailing has expanded over the years, as there has been a significant increase in pollution and environmental hazards. It may sound weird, but it is a fundamental truth that just like the polluted atmosphere poses a threat to your health, it also affects the get up and functionality of your car, unless maintained properly. Below are some of the dangers your car is usually faced against.

Greater levels of pollution

The continuous exposure of your car to the terrible pollution and dust particles threatens the original glaze of your precious car. The initial shine that brightened your eyes during the time of purchasal, gets lost, as you take your car out on the road. We are not staying to keep your car garaged up. Of course, you need to take it out, that is why you bought it in the first place. But, to protect its painted surface from dulling away, you need regular personal maintenance of it as well as frequent trips to Clean Image for an extensive detailing session to your car.

Increase in UV rays

As the intensity of sun rays keep getting unbearable and the harmful UV rays keep on increasing, your car is also being endangered to them. The scorching rays not only heat up your car to make your ride uncomfortable but also dry up and crack the outer and inner sides of the car.

We do not want to harp on these serious causes only. People still have doubts about the need of car detailing and feel that their car can wait to undergo cleaning. This is not the right attitude. Keeping your car in an unclean condition will increase the accumulation of the contaminants on it and the next time it is taken out, the layers of dust particles will pile up to such an extent that it will be very hard to fully wipe them away. Consistent cleaning and washing and prolonged detailing are an immense requirement to restore the faded charm of your car. The eye-catching glaze can be brought back as soon as the dirt layers are washed off and for any vehicle, ultimately cleanliness is beauty.

Engaging you in some of our Top recommendations of car cleaning

Figuring that our cleaning tips have helped you before, we continue to highlight some of the tactics we employ to restore the feel good factor of your car.

Fresh aroma for refreshing vibes

Surely, you do not want people to be turned off by the bad odour in your car interior, when they step in for a ride. And, of course you do not want your mood to be sinking due to the air stinking. Clean out the trapped air at times by keeping the car blower on for some time. Plus, a car air purifier also can help to restore the refreshing vibes. A timely change of the air filter is necessary so that the next time it is used, it continues to spread the mind-soothing fragrance inside your car.

Detailed window cleaning

Many overlook the accumulated grime on the window top, that become visible to the eyes, when the car windows are rolled down. While cleaning the windows, the edges should be particularly wiped with a soft, clean microfiber to remove the dirt particles.

Leather cleaning

Treating the leather coverings in your car with a leather conditioner is an apt solution to remove the left over stains. The cleaning process is complete after the leather cleaner and leather protection cream is applied. We do not expect you to have these products in store, but no need to worry, as at Clean Image, we use the needful for your car leather.

Just a spray of plastic and vinyl colorant

Spraying light coats of plastic and vinyl colorant and leaving it for 24 hours, will do the easy work of a quick paint re-application.

Rinse and then wash

Our professional detailers always give a rinse of plain water to clear up the dirt materials on the surface, before using soap or other cleaning agents. The soapy water will just grind the collected contaminants and pollutants onto your paint surface. So, a quick rinse is essential before washing.

Air-vent cleaning

The air vents attract dust more than anything. With the help of a standard paintbrush, the little corners of the vents can be cleaned. A furniture polish has to be given to the brush and it is good to go. The paintbrush is most effective in such small spaces, where it can conveniently remove the collected dust on the crevices.

So, you got an exclusive peek into some of our detailing techniques. The easy ones you can yourself put into effect because the car is something that always responds to effective cleaning. Hope our tips have increased your interest in this field. Regular maintenance of your car, along with consistent check-ups at our detailing station, will definitely help to maintain and heighten the glimmer of your automobile.

Clearing up some of the common misconceptions about car detailing

Your car may not be apparently showing signs of any problem or may not have such a shabby exterior that an immediate washing is needed, but professional detailing is essential for the well-being of your car, just as a visit to the doctor concerns your health wellness. Here we have queued up some common uncertainties related to car detailing and which thoughts to harbor and which to discard.

What you think: One fine morning, you cancel your trip to the detailing agency, thinking that your car can wait till the time it becomes a dirty nuisance and then you will take it for a washing session.

Better idea: Even the tiniest parts require optimum maintenance. A minute cleaning is needed a few times in a week to wash out the little dirt particles or bugs, that may spoil the paint coating.

What you think: You see that your car is showcasing a glamorous shine and think that it is super clean.

Better idea: An outward gloss on your car does not indicate its cleanliness. It can look very shiny but still have contaminants stuck on its surface, which may be felt via touch. The gloss alone is not a sufficient condition to determine a car’s cleanliness.

What you think: Why should I go to a car detailer when I can avail a car wash at the nearest gas station for a few dollars?

Better idea: A car wash imparted by our professional detailers will never put a single scratch mark on your car. Whereas, the unsophisticated machines at the pump may damage your paintwork.

What you think: Is not washing and detailing the same thing?

Better idea: Of course not. Washing and car detailing are not the same things. Car detailing is a lengthier process that comprises of detailed survey, inspection and cleaning of all the car components. A usual washing consists of a mere wash-up of the outer part. With a dedicated effort towards polishing, waxing and interior detailing, detailing at Clean Image offers multiple benefits that a standard car wash can never give.

Like this, we can dive into many such thoughts in your mind and provide better alternatives, the thought and implementation of which will benefit you much more. But our guess is that these have already given you a clear idea of the importance of car detailing and why you should take the service of a specialist to bring about detailed scrutiny of your car, accompanied by a comprehensive washing. Frequent detailing works wonders in restoring the glaze of your car.

Proper protection of your car and few useful tips regarding this

Understanding the need for protection

Exposure to direct sun rays can raise the temperature of your car to almost 90 degree Celsius. The intense rise of heat and close contact with the harmful UV rays are sure to bring massive damage to both your car’s exterior as well as interior unless a foolproof protection plan is devised for your car.

Certain precautions, if undertaken in the correct manner, will definitely protect your vehicle against all odds. Here are a few tips to guide you.

Avoid the sun and park in the shade

This is the best solution to keep your car cool and to protect your car on both sides from the adverse effects of scorching sunlight.

Protection with a windshield sun protector

Available usually at a reasonable price, this is a useful accessory for your car to maintain the coolness inside the car and also ensures protection from sun damage.

Frequent washing and cleaning

Due to immense heat and light, your car’s exterior may dry up and the paint may crack. Regular washing and careful hand drying help to vanish up the dirt and contaminants, which can have a severe impact on a car’s finish.

Seat covers for cool seats

Why sit uncomfortably in the heat? A covering for your car seat not only protects the leather but also keeps your seat cool.

Waxing your car

Though the waxing requirement varies according to the car’s make, waxing at regular intervals, does a great job of providing an extra layer of protection from UV rays.

Inspection of the tire pressure

It costs a lot to fix damaged tires, which are generally caused due to contact with excessively heated roadways and also due to under-inflated tires. Check tire pressure is a vital step for the prevention of the mentioned occurrence and it is a known fact that even a good tire can lose about one pound of pressure in a month. Keeping your tires inflated and having knowledge of the pressure requirement of your tires, will bar the chances of a stressful experience of a possible tire blow-out.

Our trained mechanics at Clean Image will do a detailed inspection of your car and mend the minor and major problems. Our detailing service is something we strongly recommend to get back a spectacular and well-performing car. But, the maintenance of your car does not end at our detailing station. Taking utmost care and protection of your car will keep it in an all-time sturdy condition and hopefully, our tips have enlightened you about how to execute this needed protection.