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Proper protection of your car and few useful tips regarding this

Understanding the need for protection

Exposure to direct sun rays can raise the temperature of your car to almost 90 degree Celsius. The intense rise of heat and close contact with the harmful UV rays are sure to bring massive damage to both your car’s exterior as well as interior unless a foolproof protection plan is devised for your car.

Certain precautions, if undertaken in the correct manner, will definitely protect your vehicle against all odds. Here are a few tips to guide you.

Avoid the sun and park in the shade

This is the best solution to keep your car cool and to protect your car on both sides from the adverse effects of scorching sunlight.

Protection with a windshield sun protector

Available usually at a reasonable price, this is a useful accessory for your car to maintain the coolness inside the car and also ensures protection from sun damage.

Frequent washing and cleaning

Due to immense heat and light, your car’s exterior may dry up and the paint may crack. Regular washing and careful hand drying help to vanish up the dirt and contaminants, which can have a severe impact on a car’s finish.

Seat covers for cool seats

Why sit uncomfortably in the heat? A covering for your car seat not only protects the leather but also keeps your seat cool.

Waxing your car

Though the waxing requirement varies according to the car’s make, waxing at regular intervals, does a great job of providing an extra layer of protection from UV rays.

Inspection of the tire pressure

It costs a lot to fix damaged tires, which are generally caused due to contact with excessively heated roadways and also due to under-inflated tires. Check tire pressure is a vital step for the prevention of the mentioned occurrence and it is a known fact that even a good tire can lose about one pound of pressure in a month. Keeping your tires inflated and having knowledge of the pressure requirement of your tires, will bar the chances of a stressful experience of a possible tire blow-out.

Our trained mechanics at Clean Image will do a detailed inspection of your car and mend the minor and major problems. Our detailing service is something we strongly recommend to get back a spectacular and well-performing car. But, the maintenance of your car does not end at our detailing station. Taking utmost care and protection of your car will keep it in an all-time sturdy condition and hopefully, our tips have enlightened you about how to execute this needed protection.

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