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Which is a better choice…paint sealant or car wax?

One of the main protective measures for restoring your car’s painted glow is the use of applicants that offer an effective coat of protective layer. Among the popular applicants are car waxes and paint sealants. Guessing that you do not know the exact difference between the two and are confused about which will make the better choice, we have provided a disclosure about the details of car wax and sealant to help you understand the properties of both.

A little on car wax

The main ingredient contained in any standard car wax is Carnauba wax. Being water-resistant, Carnauba wax does not melt in high temperatures and is easy to handle. This soft and natural wax enhances the faded glow of your car’s paint coating. Giving depth to dark colors and shine to lighter ones, carnauba wax products reduce the flaw marks and bring back the color magic. Thus, good quality car wax gives an outstanding finish to your car and serves the purpose of shielding against contaminants.

Its limitations – Nothing comes free of limitations though. As opposed to paint sealant, a major setback of car wax is that it does not have sufficient durability. Though carnauba wax can stand up to heat, when applied on a very heated car surface, it reaches its melting point. Now, this is an unwanted scenario as extreme heat will cause the currently applied wax to evaporate and your car will be devoid of its protective coating. Waxes are also incompatible with harsh car soaps and detergents and this makes it difficult to withstand when exposed to them.

A little on paint sealants

Unlike car wax, paint sealants are fully chemical products that offer high levels of protection to your car paint. Being artificially created in labs, sealants have greater durability than car wax. Also, a high-quality sealant is usually able to combat the effects of excess heat, harsh detergent, excess water, and general wear.

Sealants cover car wax

What a paint sealant produces is slightly different from the result of what carnauba wax produces and this is the sealant offers a mesmerizing shine while the wax offers a soft glow. Yet, as the survey suggests, most car owners usually prefer the spectacular display of sealant application than that of wax. Plus, sealants work admirably well on colors like black, gray, white etc.

Though unable to produce the stunning glow carnauba wax produces, sealants are a more popular choice for quality car detailing purposes. They offer a highly protective coat and bring out a dazzling shine and surface reflection of your precious car.

Final note

So, now that your confusion hopefully resolved about the characteristics of sealants and car wax, you have a free decision to make. If the eye-catching shine is what you want your car to project, sealants are ideal applicants but if you want the illuminating warm glow to be showcased by your car, go for a wax. But, in terms of protection, you know what we prefer!

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