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Clearing up some of the common misconceptions about car detailing

Your car may not be apparently showing signs of any problem or may not have such a shabby exterior that an immediate washing is needed, but professional detailing is essential for the well-being of your car, just as a visit to the doctor concerns your health wellness. Here we have queued up some common uncertainties related to car detailing and which thoughts to harbor and which to discard.

What you think: One fine morning, you cancel your trip to the detailing agency, thinking that your car can wait till the time it becomes a dirty nuisance and then you will take it for a washing session.

Better idea: Even the tiniest parts require optimum maintenance. A minute cleaning is needed a few times in a week to wash out the little dirt particles or bugs, that may spoil the paint coating.

What you think: You see that your car is showcasing a glamorous shine and think that it is super clean.

Better idea: An outward gloss on your car does not indicate its cleanliness. It can look very shiny but still have contaminants stuck on its surface, which may be felt via touch. The gloss alone is not a sufficient condition to determine a car’s cleanliness.

What you think: Why should I go to a car detailer when I can avail a car wash at the nearest gas station for a few dollars?

Better idea: A car wash imparted by our professional detailers will never put a single scratch mark on your car. Whereas, the unsophisticated machines at the pump may damage your paintwork.

What you think: Is not washing and detailing the same thing?

Better idea: Of course not. Washing and car detailing are not the same things. Car detailing is a lengthier process that comprises of detailed survey, inspection and cleaning of all the car components. A usual washing consists of a mere wash-up of the outer part. With a dedicated effort towards polishing, waxing and interior detailing, detailing at Clean Image offers multiple benefits that a standard car wash can never give.

Like this, we can dive into many such thoughts in your mind and provide better alternatives, the thought and implementation of which will benefit you much more. But our guess is that these have already given you a clear idea of the importance of car detailing and why you should take the service of a specialist to bring about detailed scrutiny of your car, accompanied by a comprehensive washing. Frequent detailing works wonders in restoring the glaze of your car.

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