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Engaging you in some of our Top recommendations of car cleaning

Figuring that our cleaning tips have helped you before, we continue to highlight some of the tactics we employ to restore the feel good factor of your car.

Fresh aroma for refreshing vibes

Surely, you do not want people to be turned off by the bad odour in your car interior, when they step in for a ride. And, of course you do not want your mood to be sinking due to the air stinking. Clean out the trapped air at times by keeping the car blower on for some time. Plus, a car air purifier also can help to restore the refreshing vibes. A timely change of the air filter is necessary so that the next time it is used, it continues to spread the mind-soothing fragrance inside your car.

Detailed window cleaning

Many overlook the accumulated grime on the window top, that become visible to the eyes, when the car windows are rolled down. While cleaning the windows, the edges should be particularly wiped with a soft, clean microfiber to remove the dirt particles.

Leather cleaning

Treating the leather coverings in your car with a leather conditioner is an apt solution to remove the left over stains. The cleaning process is complete after the leather cleaner and leather protection cream is applied. We do not expect you to have these products in store, but no need to worry, as at Clean Image, we use the needful for your car leather.

Just a spray of plastic and vinyl colorant

Spraying light coats of plastic and vinyl colorant and leaving it for 24 hours, will do the easy work of a quick paint re-application.

Rinse and then wash

Our professional detailers always give a rinse of plain water to clear up the dirt materials on the surface, before using soap or other cleaning agents. The soapy water will just grind the collected contaminants and pollutants onto your paint surface. So, a quick rinse is essential before washing.

Air-vent cleaning

The air vents attract dust more than anything. With the help of a standard paintbrush, the little corners of the vents can be cleaned. A furniture polish has to be given to the brush and it is good to go. The paintbrush is most effective in such small spaces, where it can conveniently remove the collected dust on the crevices.

So, you got an exclusive peek into some of our detailing techniques. The easy ones you can yourself put into effect because the car is something that always responds to effective cleaning. Hope our tips have increased your interest in this field. Regular maintenance of your car, along with consistent check-ups at our detailing station, will definitely help to maintain and heighten the glimmer of your automobile.

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