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Is Ceramic Coating good for your car?

After your family, the most prized thing you love is your car. It is kind of your home buddy. You spend money on its gas bill, repairing, maintenance and whatnot. But the catch here is that after doing all of this you have hardly any money left in your pocket. So even if you want but you can not focus on the nitty gritty of your car. A lot of car owners want their vehicles to look like they just came out of the showroom, and when they’re searching for options, they’ll inevitably encounter something called a ceramic coating. Now you may be thinking I already washed my car then what is this Ceramic coating car? Well, the blog is just here for your answer:

What is the ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a sort of chemical that is personally put to your car’s paint job (typically epoxy, quartz, or a combination of both). Unlike normal wax, which just lies on the surface and is quickly washed away, the ceramic coating binds with the frame and can last up to 10 years depending on the material used. This gives your ceramic coating car a lasting candy-gloss appearance that turns heads on the highway. Now coming to the main part

Is ceramic coating good for your car?

  • A protection layer from light scratches

Since the ceramic coating offers a sacrificial layer to the paint job, minor scratches will not be able to harm your vehicle. Unfortunately, it is not a suit of armor; scratches are still conceivable. Mud and dirt, on the other hand, are less prone to create scratches or swirl marks. So next time if you have a scratch on your car, remember it’s because you never applied ceramic coating. If your car is still scratched, you can take it to your mechanic, and he will just detail the car a bit and your car will look new.

  • Protects paints from UV rays

Just like your skin, the harmful UV rays can damage your car’s paint job, making it look old and boring. The solution to this problem is two ways– (a) get a ceramic coating car where UV rays cannot penetrate the layer and the paint job still stays intact or (b) never take out your car in sunlight. After all, long term exposure to the sun’s UV rays contains high levels of vehicle issues. Intense temperatures, for example, can induce oxidation, resulting in cracks or fading in the paint finish. A ceramic coating functions as an umbrella, repelling harmful radiation and protecting your vehicle from its destructive effects.

  • Protection Against Harmful Particles Like Bird Droppings and Grime

Is your car has bird droppings all over it and the first thing you have to do in the morning is to clean them? It becomes disgusting at some point and you want to just give up. But a simple ceramic coating can save your car from them. Bird droppings and insect guts have significant levels of uric acid and stomach enzymes, which can dissolve into your car’s surface if left unclean. Muck and dirt, on the other hand, actually bake into the automobile when exposed to the sun for too long. This type of damage is highly expensive to fix, and a ceramic coating is one of the best methods to avoid it—the lacquer layer fuses with the paint, leaving no place for these pollutants to enter.


Yes! A ceramic coating is definitely good for your car, as it provides light protection as well as a permanent candy-gloss shine. However, never try to make a ceramic coating car  yourself. Hire someone professional to also do Interior Car Detailing, mobile auto detailing Los Angeles, car exterior detailing, best car detailing for the betterment of your car.

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