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How Do Professionals Perform Car Detailing Smoke Odor Removal Services?

Through weeks of wear and tear and thanks to you, thinking of your car as your second home, your car’s interior can get quite smelly. From the odor of food leftovers to pet’s poop, nothing gets left behind in this matter. Many people clean their vehicles’ interiors with common home cleaning solutions, water, and the inevitably insufficient kitchen sponge or throw-away towel. In reality, water promotes the proliferation of microorganisms. That is why professionals have to come into play with their car detailing smoke odor removal service.

But first, you need to understand the reason behind this odor.


What causes car odor?

There can be multiple reasons for car odor. But if you get any kind of weird smell in your car, rush to your nearest car detailer and ask for a car detailing smoke odor removal service. Otherwise, these smells can be fatal for your life as well.

Here are some possible causes of odor

Moldy odor If switching on the air conditioner causes a stench from the vents, mold or mildew has most likely developed in the system. Moisture gathers naturally on the cold air-conditioning evaporator, which keeps mold at bay.

Burning smell: Oil might be spilling onto a hot component of the engine or in the exhaust system. It might also cause by overheated brake pads or rotors, which can occur as a result of hard braking, brake pads that don’t retract when released, or the emergency brake being left on while driving.

Sour odor: often, an acidic smell, mostly caused by the driver, causes the sour smell in your car. It is a sign that food or drinks leftovers are rotting inside your car and need to taken out as soon as possible.

There can be other smells like rotten eggs, rubber or even sweets. But trust the professionals all of them are equally gross and beg for a car detailing smoke odor removal service.


What is the best way to remove the odor?

Hands down for car odor removal, each and every professional car detailer would choose Ozone treatment as their ultimate car detailing smoke odor removal method. This is the best way to eradicate any bacterias, mildew, and odor from your car. According to them, Ozone (O3) is the most economically available strong sterilizer on this planet. 

To break down unwelcome molecules, it uses the chemical change of oxidation. Ozone is a fragile molecule that, when it comes into touch with any other component of any kind, oxidizes it and destroys it. Viruses and microorganisms destroyed when Ozon comes into touch with the cell wall and breaks it down into smaller molecules on a molecular level, thus killing the cell.

How to get this service?


An ozone generator used to provide professional ozone therapy. It’s usually done by shining UV light with a specified wavelength oxygen atom. The generator installed in your vehicle for as long as it needed to eliminate any odors.

Before the ozone treatment, your auto Detailer will thoroughly clean the vehicle. It’s critical to identify and eliminate the source of any odor. In the event of mildew, be sure to look into the source of the moisture.

Tobacco smoke is one of the most common origins of automobile scents. Any leftover odors will be totally oxidized by the ozone treatment, effectively eliminating the odor. The odor will not reappear in this situation since the molecules destroyed rather than filter. This can only done by a professional.


How to prevent odors from coming into your car?

Follow these simple tips, so that you can prevent and remove car odor on your own in between the car detailing session:

  • Look for the source of the odor, which might be the floor, back pockets, or the corner of the chairs, among other places. Clean the car’s interior carpet, upholstery, dashboard, and other components after removing any debris.
  • If you smoke, remember to empty the ashtrays on a regular basis. Remember that smoke finds its way into everything, including the vents. Spray the deodorizer into the vents and the intake valve under the hood.
  • When left too long under the leather vehicle seats, empty cans, plastic bags, old papers, or food rubbish tends to develop an odor, dirty your fabric, and attract additional bacteria. All you have to do is take it down at the end of each day.

Follow these simple hacks, and you will be able to breathe fresh air in your car. But once in a blue moon you have to opt for professional car detailing smoke odor removal service. For more such services like car detailing steamer, mobile car detailing, car exterior detailing, car wash orange county contact us.

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