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Everything You Must Know About Car Exterior Detailing LA

You might think car detailing and a regular wash are the same things but actually, it’s not! Car detailing is a lengthy process to de-clutter dirt, stains, and odor from your car and car washing is a small part of car detailing. Unlike car washing, car detailing does not involve using automated systems. Instead, it involves manual washing by very experienced detailers. Read the write-up to get a detailed overview of Car exterior detailing LA.


6 Dos And Don’ts Of Exterior Car Detailing

There are several dos and don’ts in the car detailing what you need to consider to get the desired result. 


Don’ts To Follow:


  • Don’t Use Sponge


While detailing a car, one of the most common mistakes people usually commit is using sponges. Sponges are not just incompetent for stain removal but also responsible for scratches when they are contaminated. So make sure to replace the sponge with hand mitts while car detailing.


  • Don’t Use Household Detergents


Are you using household detergents for detailing your car? That’s another mistake you are committing while detailing your car alone. Common detergents are designed for regular cleaning and washing which would be harmful to your car paint. Rather you must invest in cleansers available for car detailing designed to remove the hardest of grease and grime in your car. 


  • Don’t Use Dirty Water


Cross-contamination is no doubt a real issue in car detailing. And the only thing that causes cross-contamination is dirty water. So never use water used before while detailing. Changing water frequently reduces the possibility of cross-contamination making the detailing process fruitful.


Dos To Follow:


  • Rinse Your Car First


One of the best ways to begin a car exterior detailing LA session is rinsing the car. Following this process not only helps you to make foaming easy but also loosens dry stains. So always wash your car from the top of your motor down. And also rinse each section as you go to avoid chances of soapy films remaining on your paintwork.


  • Use Separate Cleaning Mitts


While detailing grime and dirt, mitts generally turn black since they sock filth on your car paint. But using that same mitt over and over can increase the chances of cross-contamination making your car look worse. So always change the mitt whenever one gets dirty. 


  • Use Toxin-Free Cleansers


Last and most important thing you need to follow while DIY detailing is using toxin-free cleansers. When you don’t use the right cleansers car pains can face really nasty issues like paint oxidation.


3 Essential Car Exterior Detailing Tools


  • Car Detailing Buckets


Unlike regular buckets, car detailing is an elite piece of technology, designed to prevent cross-contamination. And this main feature makes it one of the best-detailing tools of recent times. Thus the bucket basically sediments contaminants below, Which is stopping your mitt and car from getting dirty again. 


  • Car wash hand mitt


Car detailing hand Mitts is the best DIY car exterior detailing LA tool you need to restore your car shine. Not only is it softer than scrubbers, but very user-friendly. What’s more, it can hold cleansers for a longer period of time. 


  • Foam cannon


When it comes to advanced car detailing tools the answer is foam cannon. One of the best ways to use cleansers on your car. It is basically a gun that generates foam sprays over your car paint making detailing easy and convenient.


Why Car Exterior Detailing Is Important


  • Improves Physical Appearance Of Your Car: Despite regularly taking your car to the car wash, with time your car will definitely lose its outer appeal. And with car detailing, you can gain its original appearance. 


  • Maintains The Paint Condition: Regular and routine detailing ensures the safety of your car paint. They use waxing and coating to assure this. 


  • Extends the resale value: If you want to sell your car, car exterior detailing LA can help you out. With advanced detailing processes, they make your car attractive to impress buyers and improve its resale value.



So here is everything you need to know before you start DIY car exterior detailing LA. But if you want to go for an easier process, visit the best car detailer in Los Angeles, or full detail car wash Los Angeles or a car paint detailing Los Angeles to know the car detailing prices Los Angeles. Also, read blogs on topics like the best car wash Orange County in our blog section.

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