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6 Types of Stains Inside Car Detailing Los Angeles Handle

Car stains are some of the common issues many car owners face. With little dark and filthy spots, your car can look hideous. Though most stains occur due to dirt and grime, in some cases, oils, food spills, inks, etc., are the real cause. And to eliminate such stains, the only one who can help you is a professional Insider car detailing Los Angeles. So let’s know 6 types of stains professionals handle in the following.


6 Different Types of Stains Inside Car Detailing Los Angeles Handle


Each stain differs from the other. So, the one-size-fits-all stain removal approach will not work every time. This is why professionals offer fine-tuned stain removal services as per the type of stains. Here are a few different types of stains that car detailers effectively remove from the car upholsteries. 


  • Food Stains


Do you love munching on your favorite snack inside your car? Honestly, it’s the best place to taste snacks, crisps, and many more. But do you know that eating in your vehicle creates some nasty stains? And you cannot remove it without the help of a professional insider car detailing Los Angeles. Oils and ingredients used in foods become strong in composition when they dry out, creating stains on vinyl. And this is why professionals use brushes and foam to clean them.


  • Beverage Stains


Similar to food stains, beverage stains are another obstinate stains you can get on your car upholsteries. While food stains are still milder, beverage stains can give you a tough fight. 


Beverages like coffee, tea, fruit juices, etc are the ones to blame. However, to remove such stains, professionals use stain-removing solutions and gently rip spots off. 


  • Oil-Based Stains


Apart from dirt and grime, oils are another factor responsible for stains in your car. With time and use of your vehicle, a specific part of your car interior can get greasy. Besides, oils can transmit through your hand when you touch the dashboard and steering after eating a pizza or burger. 


And none other than a professional insider car detailing Los Angeles helps you remove them. However, professionals rinse the area and use non-toxic cleaning solutions and microfiber towels to remove such stains.


  • Smoke Stains


Smoking might be a bad habit, but do you know what’s worse? Smoking inside your car. While ICE smoke is enough to make your upholsteries and other materials pale, smoking is like sprinkling salt on top. 


Primarily, smoke can make fabrics look pale and stained. After some period, the smoke reaction would lead to wear and tear on vinyl and leather surfaces. And this is why professionals use soft-bristled brushes and soapy water to gently scrub at the stain. 


  • Mold & mildew


When using a car for years and barely detailing it in a while, the first issue your car would face is mold and mildew. Molds are nothing but another stain and symptom of paint oxidation in your vehicle. 


It is essential to immediately clean mold out of car carpets and seats; otherwise, it will result in a musty smell. However, professional insider car detailing Los Angeles baking soda, which works amazingly on molded surfaces.


  • Water soluble Stains


One of the most common and irritating stains your car can encounter is water-soluble stains. Leaking bottles, rain splashes, damp clothes, and wet umbrellas are some of the usual reasons for their occurrence in your car interior. Chemicalized cleaning agents available in the local market can deteriorate the leather seats. So, professionals use toxin-free upholstery cleaners that suit the fabric material of your car seats.


Final Words

No wonder cars are some of the significant investments! So it’s your sole responsibility to keep them in shape so you can use them for longer. And hiring a professional inside car detailing Los Angeles is the only solution you can take in this matter. 

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