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4 DON’TS you should follow during cleaning those four wheels!

It is a great fulfillment to see a jewel-like shine on your car. But this feeling will be ruined if the eyes spot four dirty and muddy wheels below. Cleaning car wheels demands special attention. To ensure that the cleaning is foolproof, you should prevent making some common mistakes that you tend to make. Watch out for these errors and try to avoid them!


Don’t make the head start with car body washing

It may seem like a known fact but there is no doubt that the rubber wheels are the dirtiest part of the car. For this, mud is not the only element that affects the fancy look of your wheels. Brake dust is responsible for sticking to the rim’s clear coat and causing corrosion. So, as you proceed with the car bath, start with the washing of parts that are closest to the soil.

Also, you surely do not want the wheel’s dirt to splash across the shiny and polished paintwork. Thus, do remember to clean the wheels first and then only move to other parts.


Don’t soak the wheels with water and rub

No matter how clean the water is, if you start rubbing it on the wheels, scratches will appear on the coat. This is also applicable to other car parts. Washing with a hose is alright. But rubbing with clear water is not. Sharp particles may still be stuck on the surface. Use some lubricant to operate the sponge smoothly. Soapy water is a good choice.


Don’t use acidic cleaners or dish soap

Various cleaners are available in the market. But not all are suitable for your car. If the cleaner contains acid, it will remove the brake dust. But it will also wipe off the clear coat alongside. And, this is not a good thing. The clear coat protects the rims and keeps them presentable. So, as you select a strong cleaner, make sure it is pH neutral.

As far as dish soap goes, well it was made for washing dishes and not cars! True that it is cheap and can degrease any surface. But it can never be powerful enough to remove the multiple harmful contaminants on the wheel. A sponge drenched with dish soap is no good for such stubborn dirt particles.



Don’t use a toothbrush for cavities

A toothbrush is not exactly a good choice for wheel cleaning. It is stiff and the bristles are too short. Plus, the surface of the rim is too big and uneven for a tiny toothbrush. For scrubbing the rims, you need a gentle brush with long, non-abrasive bristles. Try to avoid using tire brushes on the rims.

After the grime and filth have been removed, you can employ detailing clay for the best results. This is much more effective for addressing those fine particles that cling to the finish.

If your wheels receive an attentive wheel cleaning without your partiality to these flawed steps, they are sure to show off a brand-new gloss!

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