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Interior Car Detailing: Dos and Don’ts

While most people prioritize the surface beauty of their cars, taking care of the interior parts is equally important. A clean vehicle with a fresh smell generates a positive and healthy driving experience. Especially the deep-cleaning tricks and techniques used to sterilize the carpets, seats, and upholstery abolish bacteria and germs, contributing to your sound health. But often, the car owners make similar mistakes while proceeding with an interior car detailing program. So, we are here to inform you about the dos and don’ts. Keep on reading!

The Dos

Well, before you take your car to the professionals for interior car detailing, make sure that you have prepared your vehicle precisely. Here are the must-do things that you need to follow.


A messy car with scattered personal items like papers, bottles, wrappers, coffee cups, etc., can create unnecessary delays in the process, which you won’t want, right? So, your first and foremost task is undertaking a general clean-up session, where you need to remove all your personal items and disposals.

Consider the safety seats 

Child safety seats are one of the most overlooked parts of a vehicle when comes to interior car detailing. Hence, routine vacuuming is necessary to keep your car crumble-fee. In general, when you opt for professional car detailing services, the certified clean the underneath area of the safety seats themselves. However, you still must inquire whether they remove the seats to get access to the unclean hard-to-reach parts.  

Right clothes for the windows

Keeping close eyes on the windows while cleaning the interior parts of your vehicle is a task to consider. You would never want your car windows to catch unsightly scratches, right? That is why choosing the right piece of clothing to clean the window part is essential. Regular paper towels leave traces of fuzz as well as lint on the glass. Microfiber cloth is the best pick to retain the sparkle and streak-free finish of the windows.

The Don’ts

 As now you are well aware of the dos, it’s time to know about the don’ts!

Don’t overlook the car seat belts 

The two most-touched interior parts in a car are its buckles and seat belts. However, they both are the most overlooked parts. Moreover, food spills, splashing of beverages, etc., can make the seat belt material sticky and grubby. Make sure to include them in the interior car detailing program to ensure a spotless interior section. Overlooking them can make your vehicle look slightly unsightly. Plus, you won’t like it if your whole car sparkles, leaving the seat belt.

Don’t forget the AC vents

Well, the small features inside a car, including the AC vents are mostly avoided. However, they make a big difference in the car’s appearance. A single wiping to clean the surface area is not enough. It needs more than that. An unclean AC vent can lead to an intolerable musty smell, deteriorating the inner ambiance of your car. Professionals use top detailing products to clean small to smallest details of a vehicle, ensuring a polished look.

Never use household detergent 

You may think of saving a few bucks by proceeding with a DIY program. But, DIYs rarely match the level of professionals. Still, in case you run a DIY detailing session, never use detergent as an alternative to detailing products. Household detergents do nothing good to your car; rather gulp up the remaining gloss!

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