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Tricks That Professionals Use for Interior Detail Car Wash

If scrubbing your car with a car cleaner would be enough, then car detailing would never be a profession. No matter how much you try, there is always a difference between an amateur and a professional car detailing. Therefore, if you are willing to know the steps that professionals do to do an interior detail car wash, you are on the right page.


Supplies that professionals need to provide the best interior detail car wash


Here’s a list of the necessary tools for car detailing


  • Interior detailing kit 
  • Two empty bags, or sacks
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Interior detailing brushes
  • Brittle cleaning brush
  • Microfibre towel
  • Carpet shampoo
  • Leather cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • gloves


Steps that car detailing experts follow,


Remove floor mats


While detailing the interior of your car, it is the first step experts follow. Since floor mats provide shelter to a lot of dust and dirt underneath them it is important to remove every other mat and carpet from your car to provide proper detailing services. 


Empty the interior


After the completion of the first step, professionals use a waste bin and remove all the waste materials from your car like food wrappers, papers, plastic, bottles, etc., from your car. Then, they vacuum the interior properly to get rid of debris, dust, and dirt.  


Moreover, anything that the vacuum cleaner is unable to remove should be handpicked and removed. Also, they collect scraps and food particles that cause odd odors and disease-causing germs in your vehicle from the cup holders. 


NOTE: use a bag to store the necessary documents that you have in your car like your driving license, insurance papers, etc.


 Clean the dashboard


Professional car detailers use a microfibre towel and spray some car cleaning agent into it before wiping down your car parts, eliminating the grime and dirt from your car’s dashboard. Once they are done with the basic cleaning, they use another microfibre towel to offer you a perfectly cleaned dashboard. 


Leather and vinyl cleaning


Leather and vinyl are prone to permanent damage if mistreated. So, professionals use leather and vinyl cleaners deliberately to clean these parents. 


Well, if you’re doing it at home all you need to do is spray a very little amount of cleaner on the detailing brush and scrub the leather and vinyl surface. A clean microfibre towel removes the leftover cleaning solution to prevent damage.


Brushing the vents


Crevices and vents are also a major part of the interior detail car wash. Professionals pay proper attention while cleaning the vents of your car. 


You can also do the same by using a good quality brush to remove the dust and grime from your car’s crevices and the vents. 


Then use a little amount of interior car cleaner and wipe it down to get rid of the remaining residues for an efficient interior detail car wash.


Vacuum the interior


The professional detailers use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum out all the dust, dirt, and debris from your car. In case of a DIY, start vacuuming the seats first. Also, take note of places like seatbacks, below the carpet, leg space, roof, bolsters, and edges while vacuuming. 


shampoo the seat upholstery and carpets


After the experts are done with vacuuming, it is now time for them to shampoo the carpets and seat upholstery for the best interior detail car wash. To start the process, they soak the carpets with water and then apply car cleaning shampoo to them. 

Then they scrub the carpet until the carpet is stain-free. For seat upholstery, professionals mist it using an upholstery cleaner. For a DIY, use a bottle car detailing brush and scrub the areas with stains. 


Eliminate odor and sanitation


At this stage, your vehicle looks a lot cleaner. And now, to make your car smell fresh you need odor removal products. If you search for professional car detailing supplies near me you will get these products in abundance. Choose your favorite one to make your car smell fresh. Moreover, for proper sanitization, you can buy alcohol-based sanitizers and spray them on your car to disinfect them. 

These were some of the steps that professionals use for an interior detail car wash. If you are looking for the best professional car detailing supplies near me, the best ceramic coating for cars, or mobile auto detailing near me, we are the best option. We are also the best answer for your search for mobile auto detailing near me. We are one of the leading automobile detailing in Los Angeles. Visit our website to get your car detailed by the experienced professionals of the Best Car Detailing Company in Los Angeles.

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