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Some useful additional information about our detailing methods

We have put across some interesting tips for you to read, regarding the maintenance of your car.

Paint clay over polish

Though we use both paint clay as well as polish in our detailing process, at times the painted clay is preferably used after the car exterior is properly washed. A clay lubricant on the wet car surface absorbs the dirt from the car and thus, removes it. It is nonabrasive and offers no scratch on the car body, unlike the polish, which may give birth to a few light scratches.

Why clean the window top?

Cleaning the topmost portion of the window glass will prevent any unwanted spot marks from being stuck. By lowering the windows a bit and giving a comprehensive cleaning, there will be no further trace of any previously collected debris or contaminant.

Constant shampooing for constant glow

To restore the fresh look of the paint, a good wash every now and then is required. The misconception of the paint being damaged due to frequent washing will disappear when you see how the car gets back its original look and feel. The spic and span resulting from washing will never have adverse effects on the paint, until and unless an unsuitable liquid is used for the process. A shampoo and wax punch may also be used to protect the paint coat while washing. These processes, if carried out regularly, will lead to the revival of an almost new car.

Drying with a towel or soft cloth

A handy drying tip is that you should not let your car dry up naturally after it goes through a wash. This will produce watermarks on the surface, which are even harder to remove than the usual dirt particles. For foolproof drying, a soft microfiber towel or chamois serves the purpose of getting rid of the water drops from the painted surface. A slow and steady wiping will dry out all the water and the result will be a sparkling clean car.

Polish over wax

This information will come to your extreme use as the fine scratches are a big headache for most car drivers. These scratches that appear due to the wrong application of a sponge or rough cloth, are usually tried to be removed by waxing. To bid farewell to the swirl marks, car polish is the best option. Quality car polish will serve the function of vanishing those swirl marks completely.

Focus on frequent sponge cleaning

Wondering why we are talking about sponge cleaning instead of car? Well, keeping the sponge clean is an essential requirement to prevent reappearance of the dirt marks on the car paint. If you keep on doing the washing with the same sponge, without washing the sponge itself, the dirt water from the sponge will cause harm to your car. So, rinsing your sponge in a separate bucket and using a clean sponge or cloth on the car, is an advised procedure for a perfect car cleaning routine.

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