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Taking you for a trip through our world of exterior cleaning of the car

Among the services included in our package,the most essential is the cleaning of the outer surface.Here,are some
of the methods we apply and the answers to few of your questions.

Exterior wash and dry

The washing and drying process is done by hand.The detailer will give a thorough wiping of the body of the car with
specialized products on the rims,door handles and glass.

Why we use paint claying?

Our detailing service includes the use of a clay bar to remove any contaminations on the car surface and thus,ensures a cleaner and smoother surface.It also enhances the effect of the final polish.

How the shine is brought out?

To add a glossy touch-up to the car,we apply a protective layer or sealant to the car’s paint. Wax is sometimes used for this purpose.

More on exterior services

Sticking to a standard procedure of car detailing shows the sign of an efficient company.But to raise this efficiency to a level of perfection,our car detailing service at Clean Image is number one.Besides our usual methods,we involve certain extra methods of exterior service to help you attain a dazzling car,at the end.
Among our other exterior services are trim repainting,engine detailing,headlight polishing,engine pressure cleaning,bumper repair,glass chip repair and paint touch up.

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