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The Best Car Detailing Company in Los Angeles

You might have spent a lot to get your dream car. Won’t you make sure that it shines like new even after years? A regular car cleaning can only wash off the surface dirt. To hold on to its showroom-like glam, your car needs more, for say, a complete car detailing service. And when you are looking for the best car detailing services, Clean Image is an unparalleled option. 


Best Car Detailing Services

Whether you drive a Limo or a small Economy car- we welcome every car type. Our most qualified and devoted detailers treat your car with modern equipment and car detailing technologies. When you choose us, we make sure to 

  • Use soft microfiber towels to wipe off the glass to avoid any scratches  
  • Apply a gentle car wash solution that is not at all harsh on the car paint
  • Apply for UV protection on all interior surfaces to restore condition and shine.
  • Use ceramic coating to protect your car from external scratches
  • Eliminate any odor from your car, giving it a fruity and floral essence


So, what say? Are you interested in trying out our detailing services? Our service starts just at $79.99! 


Why Choose Clean Image Mobile Car Detailing?

Unlike other companies you don’t have to run around to get different services, rather in one place, you’ll get a range of car cleaning services, ranging from car interior detailing to car exterior detailing.

We even divide the whole process into many parts like steam cleaning, pressure washing, ceramic coating, etc. This allows you the freedom of what you want and a clear idea of what are you paying for. And one more thing, if you fear that you might stand in the line for hours then you are wrong again. 

Clean Image Mobile Detailing come fully equipped for your mobile car detailing, which implies that you don’t have to worry about organizing the tools. We can detail your car whenever and wherever you like with our mobile car detailing service without creating a ruckus. 


We are Fully Insured and so are you

When selecting a car detailer, you should feel confident that your vehicle is in capable hands. We are covered by insurance and so are you. Each one of our vetted employees (aka) Mobile car wash and detailing team is fully insured. So there’s nothing for you to worry about. You will be 100% satisfied with our car cleaning services. 


Mastery and Uncompromising High Standards Car Cleaning

Clean Image has been in this industry for several years now and has gained so much good reputation by our sheer hard work and quality of service. We promise each customer a perfect and high standards car cleaning experience, which is rarely available in the market these days. our employees’ dedication reflects on the end result of your car.

This is why when we say Clean Image is the best car detailing services provider in the city, we mean every single word. Our detailing team is prepared to serve your car with the best service ever! To restore your car’s long-lost shine, allow us to detail your car today. 

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