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Whether or not to wash your car when the rain pours down?

When the monsoons start rolling in or the seasonal rains are coming in intervals, washing your car regularly may seem silly. You may think that the rain may wash off the built-up grime or you may feel lazy to wash when you know that the rain will reappear. Though water is a vital cleansing element, exposure to rain can affect your car’s texture, especially the paintwork.


How rain can damage your car?

The immediate outcome of a splashing downfall may turn out to be an apparently transparent car surface. But, what gets noticed by your eyes is not the same as the after-effects of a thorough wash. Rain may wash off the surface dust but it does not mean that your car remains out of danger.

There are certain factors to consider before deciding if your car needs to undergo a washing after rainfall. These include your geographical locality, the quality of roads there, the climate there, and others. Areas with high pollution rates are likely to be faced more with acid rain than less polluted areas.


Impact of acid rain

Acid rain happens when the pollutants of the surroundings get collected in the rain. Then during a downpour, such rains harm the environment. When acidic rain evaporates on your car’s surface, it leaves behind traces of pollutants behind the exposed car area. You can identify them as dried-up white water spots. Later, these spots seep deeper into the car’s paint layers and cause damage to the paint.

During harvest seasons, the central valley of California is particularly facing to face with acid rain. This is due to the mix-up of dust with the air. Acid rain may not be a thing of concern in general but what it does to our cars is alarming.


What is an easy solution to protect your car during rain?

The simplest way to protect your car during rain is to park it in your garage or a carport when not in use. By chance, if these two options are not available, you can use a product sealant that offers exclusive protection against rain. But even with a sealant, you need to wash your car wholly in-between rains. This is more needed if the city you reside in is a polluted one.


How to stay safe in worrying driving conditions?

When it is raining heavily, you must drive carefully and avoid speeding. Amidst such reckless rain, you need to keep the headlights on for proper visibility. Also, when it has not rained for a while, be sure to slow down as the roads become slick with dust layers and may cause hydroplaning.

This must have given you an insight into the rain and its effect on cars. Rain is not really nature’s aid to car washing. Rather, it has adverse effects on the car. So, do keep up the constant washing between rains, and don’t be under the misconception that rain is an alternative to meticulous car washing!

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