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Why at home car washing cannot take the place of top-level professional detailing?

After a long week’s exhaustion, to arrive at the detailer’s station might not seem to be pleasing at first. More than that, a self-detailing of your car will seem a strenuous chore. To get all wet and soapy and to figure out the hard-to-reach places of your car may not be your weekend plans. Plus, a complete detailing of your car on your own can never bring the same results as that of a licensed detailer’s service. Despite the obstacles, even if you are thinking of saving money and going for self-detailing, here are few reasons why you should skip it and instead opt for meticulous detailing by well-established auto detailers.

Accurate knowledge of car detailing

Professional detailers will have a clear idea of how to treat each part of your car with separate care. You may think that what is needed to clean your car seat is the same as what is needed for the steering wheel. Yet this is not true. Each car component responds to particular products meant for its service. Knowing how to apply and what to apply, top detailers like us use premium products for your car. The right application of these premium products ensures a full-fledged cleaning of your car.

Serving with professional precision

It is a trend that people are preferring self-sufficiency in many fields. Yet, this is one area that needs an expert’s touch for optimum results. You may have felt frustrated when soap left a mark on your car. Or, you may have felt unsatisfied when your car didn’t restore the glaze you were hoping to see after a self-detailing attempt.

Reliable detailers first make scrutiny of your car to detect the problematic or defective parts. Then they choose appropriate lubricants and cloths to detail with precision. We give a pressure wash as well as a thorough hand car wash. Having dried the washed surfaces with soft microfibers, we cross-examine the current condition and ensure that your car’s standard is much elevated than the state in which it was presented to us.

Chances of mistakes are reduced when professionals get to work

It is quite natural that the cars you hand out to detailers are covered with scratches, swirl marks, or other cosmetic issues. These flaws are often the outcomes of unsure individual efforts or the service of amateur detailers.

Skilled detailers like us offer a pre-wash prep and also include pressure wash for eliminating surface debris and other contaminants.

Proficient handling of chemicals and machinery

The chemicals we apply for the professional car detailing are of high quality and are not safe for unauthorized application. If not applied properly, they can damage your car permanently. Amateur detailers lack both time and experience to execute the right methods. Also, efficient detailers are trained to deal with heavy-duty equipment for details. We use both selective chemicals and machinery to make your car a sparkling diamond in the morning sun!

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