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How To Detail A Car: Interior Detailing Tips

Is there anyone who does not like to maintain the new look of your car? Everyone out there would like to enjoy the same glaze and the glow that your car had when you first bought it. You might be questioning how to detail a car such that you can maintain the look your car had. If you are among the ones who have the same question, then we are here to provide you with some of the tips and tricks that are necessary to provide the best detailing of your car at home.

Car detailing is much more than that of car washing. It is all about cleaning, washing, vacuuming, and adding on further car detailing procedures that we will focus on later.

To be more precise car detailing is not just about cleaning and washing your car. No creeks and cracks are left untouched in a car detailing procedure. 

Reasons to detail your car at your home 

Before jumping to how to detail a car? Let’s discuss a fact. Usually, car owners seek professional aid to detail their cars. And it’s too obvious. Buying the detailing agents, cleaning every interior part might seem easy on paper, but actually, it takes much effort and consumes much time. However, if you still want to give it a shot, here we are to encourage you with the following pros of DIY car detailing at home.  

 You can save a large amount of money by detailing your car at home. Yes, it is one of the major reasons that you can detail your car at your house. 

  • Time is precious and wasting it waiting in a queue at the service station to get your auto details is not justified.
  • You understand the value of your car and thus no other professional help can replace it. Detailing your car will increase the longevity of your car.


Tools and products that are required for Interior detailing of your car


Now that you know the benefits of DIY detail, let’s come to the core part, i.e. How to detail a car

  • Remove the junk

A trash can is important to collect the junk and trash inside your car. Generally the leftovers of the previous trip. Collect everything by hand that your vacuum cleaner will fail to collect. Do not miss out on any pockets and holders in your car. By doing so you will get the answer to your question of ‘how to detail a car’.

  • Removal of floor mats 

Remove the floor mats and use a brush to rub off the dirt and debris. Use a jet to provide a proper washing of the floor mats. Apply Upholstery cleaner on rubber floor mats and rinse them off with fresh water. If the interior of your car has carpets or other mats, then use a car detailing steamer cleaner to give them a proper wash. Let the floor mats dry before you put them back.


Smoke odor removal from your car’s interior

Use a microfiber towel to dust the interior. Start dusting from the dashboard, headliners, inner console, cup holders, door pockets, rear deck, window panels, and every other part that you can reach out to. There are minute parts that are not possible by human hands to reach and for those spots use an air compressor or an electronic duster such that every part of your car has been dusted. 

After you are done with a dusting of the interior the next step that you take is putting on the fan in recirculation mode.

Create a vacuum inside your car

Close the doors and windows of your car and spray deodorizer in the whole cabin such that the interior of your car is free from the terrible odor that you had. This will result in a clean and fresh inner side of your car.

Refresh the cushion of your car

Once you are done with removing bad odor from the interior of your car, now it’s your turn to provide details of the cushions.  The cushioned parts of the car face a lot of spills and food dropping and thus they need proper cleaning.  Use a brush to remove the dirt and the dust primarily, use an upholstery cleaning agent on the seats. Use a steam cleaner to complete the car detailing smoke odor removal procedure.

Hope this article has provided the answers to your question about how to detail a car. The above-mentioned steps will let you have a neat and clean interior of your car.  If you are looking for a mobile car detailing la, appoint us without any doubt. We are one of the best service providers of both car exterior detailing and interior detailing. Get car detailing coupons to enjoy attractive discount offers.

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